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Instructions on How to Grow Yellow Chrysanthemums Simple

According to the Eastern concept, chrysanthemum is a flower that brings luck to the owner. Especially on the occasion of Tet to spring, besides apricot peach blossom blooming, a familiar beauty of spring flowers, a pair of bright yellow chrysanthemums will contribute to creating a more youthful and warm atmosphere in your home. Coming to today’s article, AgriSearch.net will guide you How to grow yellow chrysanthemums as well as planting techniques, how to care for chrysanthemums.

Techniques for growing yellow chrysanthemums

In the technique of growing chrysanthemums, Fao is divided into 4 main steps, each step corresponds to a stage, each stage requires you to understand the planting methods and techniques of growing yellow chrysanthemums.

  1. Time to plant yellow chrysanthemums

Growing chrysanthemum flowers in pots in the winter-spring season: Planting chrysanthemums in October will achieve the highest yield and quality of flowers, collect potted flowers at the right time of the Lunar New Year, improve the economic value that chrysanthemums bring. again.

Usually yellow chrysanthemums will be planted in the winter-spring crop
Usually yellow chrysanthemums will be planted in the winter-spring crop
  1. Chrysanthemum growing medium

Requirements on substrate: The substrate for growing chrysanthemums needs to be porous, able to hold water and drain well, free from fungal and bacterial infections.

The medium consists of a mixture of ½ alluvial soil + manure + coir, these media will help chrysanthemum growing techniques for the highest yield and quality of potted chrysanthemums. Spray the drug Ridomil (with a concentration of 3g / liter) to kill the fungus in the substrate before planting chrysanthemums.

  1. Effective chrysanthemum planting techniques

Follow the steps below for a successful chrysanthemum planting technique.

  • Seedling standards

Use chrysanthemums from cuttings that meet the following standards: Plant height is in the range of 5 to 7cm; The number of cards ranges from 5 to 7 cards; body diameter is 0.2cm; root length from 0.5 to 3cm; The number of roots should be >4cm in length.

Depending on the size and design of chrysanthemums, choose the number of plants to plant chrysanthemums in pots appropriately. Pots with a standard size of 30x 15x 20cm (height x bottom diameter x pot mouth diameter) can grow chrysanthemums with an amount of 5 plants/pot.

How to grow yellow chrysanthemums: Put the fungus-killed growing medium in a pot about 5cm from the top of the pot. Plant chrysanthemums so that the plants are evenly distributed around the pot to help the canopy evenly, do not plant too close to the pot wall.

It is advisable to plant chrysanthemums in the afternoon, after planting you need to water them. The distance between the pot and the pot is 10 to 15cm (from the edge of the pot).

The best time to plant yellow chrysanthemum seeds is in the afternoon
The best time to plant yellow chrysanthemum seeds is in the afternoon

Chrysanthemum care techniques

Four small steps you need to take while taking care of chrysanthemums to keep the plant healthy and growing well.

  1. Regulating growth for chrysanthemums

If planting potted chrysanthemums in November, it is necessary to have additional lighting continuously within 10 days after planting (done 4 hours a day from 10pm to 2am the next day), every 6m2 you proceed to place 1 75W bulb, bulb height ranges from 0.8 to 1m from the top of the tree.

  1. Sprinklers

When planting chrysanthemums, so that the plants can quickly take root, they need to be watered periodically twice a day. Then water to maintain soil moisture at 65 to 70% for plants to grow and develop.

  1. Fertilizer technique

After implementing the technique of planting yellow chrysanthemums 2 weeks, proceed to fertilize the plants. The recommended type of fertilizer is NPK fertilizer 20-20-15 + TE according to the dosage of 2kg fertilizer/200 liters of water corresponding to 100m2 periodically irrigated once every 10 days.

In addition, a growth stimulant such as Atonik 1.8DD can be used to spray chrysanthemum plants at a dose of 10ml/jar of 8 liters of water, spray once every 10 days to add nutrients to the plants, helping the plants to grow. has good growth potential.

Chrysanthemum plants after being planted for 2 weeks need to be fertilized to provide nutrients for the plant
Chrysanthemum plants after being planted for 2 weeks need to be fertilized to provide nutrients for the plant
  1. Technique of pruning the tops

Chrysanthemums with large flowers such as daisies, yellow daisies, after 15 to 20 days of planting the chrysanthemums, you can start pressing the tops, keeping only 3 to 5 branches.

For small daisy-like chrysanthemums, pressing the tops also needs to be done from 15 to 20 days after planting chrysanthemums, periodically 2 to 3 times to press the tops to create many small branches.

When the chrysanthemum plant has bud, the bud press also needs to be done more often to trim the buds around the main chrysanthemum bud.

Pest control

During the period of implementation of chrysanthemum planting techniques, it is difficult to avoid the plant encountering pests, but when you see the plants showing signs of infection, you need to quickly destroy the pests to help the plant have a good health. highest yield, as well as not spreading widely.

  1. Pests

Symptoms: This disease often causes the plants to be stunted, the tops curled, the flower buds shriveled, the flowers unable to bloom or deformed, causing severe damage in the spring-summer and winter-spring crops.

Prevention: Karate 2.5 EC can be used at a dosage of 10 to 15 ml/ 10 liter bottle, Ofatox 400WP or Supracide 40ND at a dose of 10 to 15 ml per 10 liter bottle…

Symptoms: This disease often appears as young caterpillars located under the leaf epidermis, taking food to form white zigzag lines, destroying cells and chlorophyll.

Prevention: Use yellow traps to lure adult worms. Use drugs with strong adhesion such as Padan, Supathion 40 EC at a dosage of 15 to 20ml / 10 liter bottle …

  1. Diseases

Symptoms: This disease appears as light brown or dark brown lesions, usually round or irregular, scattered on the leaf edges or veins. The disease spreads rapidly when humidity is high.

Prevention: Use the drug Score 250ND with a dose of 10ml/bottle of 10 liters, periodically sprayed once every 10 days.

Chrysanthemum plants are very susceptible to leaf spot disease, so you need to check regularly for timely prevention
Chrysanthemum plants are very susceptible to leaf spot disease, so you need to check regularly for timely prevention

Symptoms: This disease appears as a floating spot, rusty or orange in color, usually formed on both sides of leaves, severe disease will burn leaves, yellow leaves and fall prematurely.

Prevention: Use Zineb 80 WP with a dosage of 20 to 50g/10 liters, Anvil 5 SC with a dosage of 5 to 10ml/bottle of 10 liters, this drug contains sulfur base…

We hope that through this article, you will have a better understanding of how to grow chrysanthemums. Especially, people can apply techniques to the actual yellow chrysanthemum planting model to make a profit. Happy successful people.

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