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Instructions on How to Grow Gac Simple

It is fortunate that our country is favored with the appearance of Gac tree. The plant seems to be rustic but has been proven to contain a lot of valuable nutrients. For foreigners, it is not wrong to compare gac tree as a tree from heaven. Let’s find out with us how to grow gac in today’s post.

Gac tree has been a familiar image of Vietnamese people since ancient times
Gac tree has been a familiar image of Vietnamese people since ancient times

Features of Gac tree

The scientific name of Gac fruit is Momordica cochinesis. They belong to the group of herbaceous vines of the loofah family and have a fairly easy growing technique. Mature trees can grow to more than 15m long. Gac leaves have smooth propeller-shaped leaves divided into 3-5 lobes. Gac flowers when blooming are pretty pale yellow. Gac fruit has a long round shape and many small spines. When ripe, the fruit will be bright red to orange. When slicing out, the inside will be the red flesh of the fruit and the flattened black seeds of the gac fruit. Gac trees usually produce fruit once a year and the tree usually flowers from summer to autumn.

Uses of Gac

Gac fruit is considered a fruit rich in nutritional value. The nutritional composition in Gac fruit has a lot of Vitamins A and E and extremely good mineral content for the body. The point that makes Gac fruit a paradise fruit is its abundant Beta Carotene content. This is a precursor of vitamin A, which helps the body strengthen the immune system and help brighten eyes as well as fight against extreme oxidation.

Lycopene content in gac fruit is 70 times more than in tomato. Not only good for health, but people who regularly eat Gac fruit will have smoother and younger skin. It is because of the outstanding properties of this fruit that Gac is used as food, beauty and extracted into extremely nutritious Gac oil.

Gac fruit has many good uses for human health
Gac fruit has many good uses for human health

Currently, growing gac is not too difficult and conversely easy to grow and take care of. Gac just needs to provide enough water and make a trellis that can grow green well.

Breeding criteria

Currently, the cultivation and propagation of gac trees is done by sowing seeds or cuttings. Sowing seeds will give longer time, trees grow slowly and harvest fruit from there longer. Planting by cuttings for fast growth and quick harvest.

Seedlings need to be healthy plants without pests
Seedlings need to be healthy plants without pests

How to grow with cuttings

Planting by cuttings will help the tree grow faster and make the tree harvest faster. When planting, you choose the gac vine and cut it into pieces about 40cm long. With each cutting, you must have 2-3 nodes or more.

Then you apply lime to the two ends of that old gac wire and put the cuttings in a pot containing soil, sawdust, manure and rice husks. Pay attention to plug the gac head into the ground about 10cm and lay it on its side. Use your hand to compress around the base to tighten and then the top of the tip is facing up.

During the cutting process, keep it in a cool place and keep the soil moist regularly. About 2-3 weeks later, young shoots will grow from that old vine.

Planting seedlings in the hole

When the seedling reaches a height of about 70cm and the tassels have begun to appear, you proceed to bring the seedlings to plant in the previous fixed garden. The soil for planting plants needs to be mixed with an amount of lime powder at the bottom and before applying organic fertilizer, you proceed to dig a hole about 50cm deep and the distance between each planting hole is equivalent to the distance between the trees from 3m or more.

The planting hole should be fertilized first with an amount of rotting manure and lime powdered for 1 month before planting new trees. When the seedlings are planted, they need to be watered twice a day and covered to create shade for the first week for the seedlings to recover. After about a week of planting, the gac tree will grow strongly and give a lot of roots. At this time, it is necessary to add organic fertilizer and lightly dig the soil around the root to stimulate root growth.

Gac tree care

Like other vines. Gac tree has quite high water requirements, so in the new planting stage, when the tree is flowering and producing fruit, it is necessary to water the soil sufficiently, but not to let the tree stay wet for a long time, it will cause root rot.

During the flowering period of Gac fruit, if there is a lack of water, the flowers will easily fall off and the fruit will wilt and reduce yield.

Note: The higher the Gac climbing rope, the less fruit, so it is advisable to adjust the rope for horizontal climbing Gac to produce more fruit.

Regularly pruning leaves to keep the trellis open to help the fruit receive a lot of sunlight
Regularly pruning leaves to keep the trellis open to help the fruit receive a lot of sunlight

Prevention of pests and diseases on Gac fruit

Gac tree is a relatively healthy climbing plant, but it is also attacked by a number of pests and diseases such as beetles, leafworms, coconut beetles, etc. This can be caused by improper fertilization and watering leading to pests and diseases. To prevent, it is necessary to take care of the garden regularly to help detect pests and diseases in a timely manner so that they can be dealt with promptly. Plants need to spray some insecticidal sprays or hand catch worms to make them healthier.

Preventing pests and diseases early for plants to help plants grow well
Preventing pests and diseases early for plants to help plants grow well

Gac harvest

Gac is a variety that ripens gradually, not simultaneously. Therefore, it gives us a long time to harvest. When the Gac fruit is ripe, the skin will be thinner, softer and turn brilliant red. You collect gradually until the end. After harvesting each crop, trim the wires and leave only 50cm of stumps. Next season they will grow up again. Gac tree is a perennial plant, so after planting to the 2nd or 3rd year onwards, it will yield more and more.

Here are the uses and how to grow gac Simple that we want to share with you. Good luck.

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