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Instructions on how to fertilize plants to help people not worry about starving

Instructions on how to fertilize plants to help people not worry about starving

How to take care of yellow apricot trees from November to December
Fertilize the yellow apricot tree

How to fertilize plants According to many people, it is simply one of two basic types of fertilizer for plants. However, for me, this is a solution, an energy drink, a stimulus to help plants grow in a superior and healthy way without the need for toxic drugs.

The right time to apply the fertilizer for plants

Implement the method of fertilizing the plants during the growing period

How to fertilize popular plants
How to fertilize plants

This is the decisive stage for the whole later development of the plant. The tree begins to grow, bud, and sprout. Fertilizing at this time will accelerate the growth rate, help the tree grow quickly and healthy.

Implement how to fertilize plants to flower

How to fertilize plants
Punch at the right time

After about 1 month, depending on each plant, it is time to flower. At this time, the fertilizer will play the role of leading flower nutrients to increase the quantity and quality of flowers. Flowers that are provided with enough nutrients will be evenly, beautiful, healthy and have a high fruiting rate.

Implement how to fertilize the tree to produce fruit

This period is extremely important, is the time that determines the results of your whole labor process. Fruiting is also the time when the tree needs the most nutrients, if it is not applied in time, the soil is not nutritious enough to nourish the tree, the tree does not have enough nutrients to grow the fruit, the fruit produced will not be guaranteed in terms of both quality and quantity. number, even affecting the economy of many households.

Therefore, when the tree shows signs of fading flowers and beans, you should apply fertilizer immediately to achieve the desired results.

How to fertilize plants you should know

There are 3 most popular basic methods of fertilizing plants today, including: fertilizing in holes, fertilizing in a pre-dug way, and spreading fertilizer.

How to fertilize the tree according to the hole

how to fertilize plants
How to fertilize plants

You perform digging around the base of the tree to be fertilized. Apply a sufficient amount of fertilizer to the soil and backfill. This is the most common and easiest way to fertilize. It not only helps the fertilizer to be distributed evenly, but also provides enough nutrients for the plants.

However, its disadvantage is that the fertilizer after composting in the soil will be degraded, so the rate of plants absorbing nutrients from the fertilizer will be reduced compared to the plants needed! Therefore, to avoid this situation, you should test the nutrients that are incubated in the soil first so that you can add a sufficient amount to compensate for the degraded fertilizer.

How to fertilize plants in rows

Divide your houseplants into beds, and dig vertical trenches about an inch deep right under the rows of plants. Then, you do the same as fertilizing according to the hole, spreading fertilizer and filling.

However, the method of fertilizing this tree also has the same disadvantages as hole fertilization. Therefore, people need to pay attention to increase the production efficiency of their plants.

How to fertilize plants by fertilizing

For the process of spreading fertilizer to be highly effective, you should water to moisten the soil, then spread the prepared fertilizer layer around the base of the tree to be fertilized.

This method helps the plant to evenly absorb nutrients, breaking the limitations of the two methods above. However, if you are not a skilled person, fertilize unevenly, the plant will grow unevenly or not absorb nutrients.



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