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Instructions for planting roses on basalt soil are surprisingly effective

Instructions for planting roses on basalt soil are surprisingly effective

In addition to meat soil, garden land, clean soil, basalt soil is also a valuable resource for growing roses. This type of soil is considered to have extremely high mineral content, suitable for many crops. Currently, basalt soil is exploited a lot to grow very good crops, especially roses. Let’s learn how with AgriSearch.net growing roses on basalt soil so that it is effective, wrong flower!

The most popular types of soil for growing roses today

Roses are not picky plants, they can grow on almost any soil. However, the soil must be mixed with suitable substrates to increase nutrition, good ventilation and drainage. The soil for growing roses can be soil, garden soil, alluvial soil or basalt soil.

Instructions for planting roses on basalt soil are surprisingly effective

In addition to natural soils, bagged clean soil is also interested by many persimmon growers. Clean soils have the advantage of being properly mixed to increase nutrients and having characteristics suitable for roses. You can consult:

Tropical Premium rose and shrub soil: Has the advantage of rich nutrients, aeration, moisture retention, a lot of humus. Using Tropical Premium soil helps to grow fast and healthy roots, wrong flowers. This soil contains good ingredients for roses such as: organic humus, rice husk ash, perlite, pumice, peat minerals and others.
Land for growing roses Jardino Rosen Netherlands: This type of soil is produced by the world’s leading media group BVB Netherlands. This is a high quality product with beautiful design, so the price is not cheap. Soil contains beneficial ingredients such as peat moss, white moss, clay, volcanic pumice, etc.

Depending on the needs and conditions, players can choose one of the above soil types. Especially if you grow infrared, you must pay more attention to the soil because this plant is more difficult to take care of than domestic varieties.

Instructions on how to grow roses on basalt soil

Basalt red soil is a popular soil, suitable for many different crops including roses. Today, gardeners take full advantage of the potential of basalt soil to grow flowers. Basalt soil has the advantage of containing high mineral content, good for all plants. However, the mechanical composition in basalt soil is quite heavy, the proportion of clay in basalt red soil is quite high. Therefore, people cannot use 100% of the soil as a substrate for roses because it will lead to suffocation and reduced drainage capacity.

The way to fix it is that we can proceed to mix some growing substances. The best ingredients are those that have the effect of creating porosity. Typically, Perlite rock, Pumice stone, rice husk ash… In addition, some gardeners will mix in organic fertilizers to balance nutrients in the soil. People should choose manure, a natural, safe, quality fertilizer.

Share the recipe for mixing basalt soil to grow roses

Instructions for planting roses on basalt soil are surprisingly effective

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  • Basalt soil: 40%
  • Cow or goat manure: 30%
  • Organic goat or chicken manure: 5%
  • Perlite, Vermiculite: 10%
  • Smoked rice husks: 15%

In addition, Trichoderma probiotics can be used if available to help eliminate potential pathogens in the soil, increasing the efficiency of plants.

Should change the ratio of ingredients in the rose soil mixture

Instructions for planting roses on basalt soil are surprisingly effective

The formula we share above is for reference only. In fact, everyone should consider and evaluate the overview to be able to increase or decrease the ratio of the ingredients in the mixture to suit, ideally. In particular, each region has a different climate that affects crops. Therefore, gardeners should learn carefully before increasing the ratio in the composition of the soil. However, any formula must ensure good drainage and retain a certain relative humidity for flowers.

A very effective way to check the quality of the growing medium is to squeeze a handful of soil with your hand. Then, when I opened my hand, the base did not break. But when you squeeze it lightly, it will crumble like the original. That is the quality soil that can be safely used.


Above are the sharing of AgriSearch.net on how to grow roses on basalt soil simply but with high efficiency. If you are interested in bagged clean soil products on the market, please visit bancongxanh.com and giathe.vn for reference.

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