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Instructions for growing asparagus by root for high yield

How to grow asparagus from roots with high efficiency
How to grow asparagus from roots with high efficiency

Asparagus is a plant with high nutritional value and increasingly valuable in the life of each family. Growing simple asparagus at home will bring good nutrition to ensure hygiene and health for your family. Asparagus can be propagated by seed or sprouting. In addition, it is possible to plant directly with seedlings from the nursery to the ground to reduce the time of sowing. Follow along below!

Preparation steps

Planting garden conditions

Prepare the land
Asparagus growing conditions

Asparagus is suitable for growing on sandy soil, light soil, alluvial soil, red basalt soil, etc., which is fertile, rich in nutrients, and has a thick layer of cultivation over 1 meter.

Especially, make sure that the roots of bamboo shoots must be above 50 cm from the clay, alum and underground water levels to avoid waterlogging and alum contamination.

Around the asparagus growing area, it is advisable to dig a system of ditches 150-200 cm wide and 150-200 cm deep to drain water in the rainy season and high tide.

Prepare the land

Before starting to plant asparagus about 2 months, you need to treat the soil thoroughly, make the soil level, treat weeds and microorganisms. Next, it is necessary to improve the soil for bamboo shoots. Land preparation process every 15 days.

Asparagus growing land
Asparagus growing land

– 1st time: Plow the soil about 40-50 cm deep, clean the grass, spray pesticides, grow grass and continue to plow the land.

– Second time: After 15 days, you spread lime all over the field, plow, mix lime into the soil. Then dry in the sun to kill pathogens in the soil

– 3rd time: 1st application of manure, rice straw, rice husk ash, rotted humus, vermicompost, synthetic organic fertilizer, etc. to enhance soil nutrition.

– 4th time: 15 days before planting, people continue to plow the soil to make the soil porous, clear weeds, fertilize, make trenches and raise beds for planting.

Making beds of asparagus
Making beds of asparagus

Note that when people make beds, make beds, make them with a width of 70cm to 75cm, a furrow from 25cm to 30cm wide, a height of 20cm ~ 25cm (depending on how high or low the base of the field is to make beds with the corresponding height). , avoid flooding in the rainy season).

You add green manure, compost + Trichoderma preparations, or vermicompost, synthetic organic fertilizer, microbiological fertilizer. Next, mix this fertilizer with the soil. Next, create a planting trench with a depth of 10 cm-15 cm from the slat. Create a mound about 5-7 cm high in the center of the trench to prepare for planting bamboo shoots. The centers are spaced 90-120 cm apart.


The height and width of the beds will vary depending on the geographical conditions of each locality. If planted in a single row, the bed is about 30-60cm high and 50-60cm wide. When planting in double rows, the beds are about 30-60 cm high and 120-150 cm wide.

When planting asparagus, along with tilling, it is necessary to make drainage ditches to avoid waterlogging. People can make drainage ditches with a width of about 20-40 cm and a depth of 20 – 60 cm.

Growing asparagus from the roots

How to grow asparagus from the roots

In the stage of growing asparagus from the roots, you need to prepare bamboo shoots, choose green, healthy, long-lasting, disease-free plants. From a large bamboo shoot, you should separate it into small bamboo shoots, but you must ensure at least 1 bamboo shoot and 20 or more roots to ensure the best growth of bamboo shoots.

Place the asparagus root in the center of the previously made mound. Gently spread the roots on both sides of the soil tissue, avoiding the case of breaking the roots. Fill the bamboo shoots with soil and 5cm higher than the surface to ensure no water stagnation and protect the root neck, keep the bamboo shoots upright, easy to photosynthesize in the sun. Then water gently to keep the soil moist.

While growing asparagus, you should plant the distance between plants is 40 – 50cm; row spacing 120 – 150 cm.

Asparagus care

Usually after 1 week of planting, the shoots will grow out of the ground and remember to keep the plants moist. When the canopy of bamboo shoots begins to bloom, you proceed to plowing the soil, adding 3~5cm of soil to the base to create favorable conditions for the roots to develop. Pay attention to pruning fallen bamboo shoots lying on the ground.

Asparagus plant care
Asparagus plant care

After about 4-5 weeks, fertilize rotting manure with the addition of trichoderma to the bamboo shoots and dig up the soil to aerate and kill weeds.

Remember to do periodic plowing and fertilizing once a month. In the rainy season, people need to take better care of asparagus, provide more antagonistic fungi to prevent the root fungus from attacking asparagus.

Cut away and replace old bamboo shoots (when the mother plant turns yellow). Leave each bamboo shoot from about 3-5 green and healthy mother plants.

To keep the asparagus steady and straight When growing asparagus by roots, you stick bamboo poles at the 2 ends of the planting trench, you can insert more stakes in the middle of the trench. The distance between the piles is from 5m to 7m, the height from the ground is from 70 to 90cm. It is necessary to use the clamping wire in a double row and place the clamp body in the middle.

Besides, when growing asparagus from the roots, it is necessary to monitor the plant regularly. If damaged or diseased plants are detected, they must be promptly treated, cut and replanted. At the same time, depending on each type of insect or pest, there will be different treatment methods such as clearing the soil, raising beds, using pesticides.

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