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If the rice is soaked and brewed like that, is there anything else to note?

Rice like today
Rice like today

Rice seed Today is used for many different purposes, so the processing method is also different. In which, incubation and soaking of seed rice is done the most, but it also has some caveats.

Clean seed rice

When incubating and soaking rice seeds, it is necessary to filter and clean the seeds, remove the flat seeds and badger. Usually, people will treat rice seeds with warm water of 54 degrees Celsius, but in cold and cold weather, this method does not work because the water cools quickly and does not keep warm for long.

Rice seed incubation
Rice seed incubation

Instead, using salt water diluted to about 15% for about 20 minutes will remove most fungi on seeds and including suspended seeds.

When the rice grain is fully absorbed with water and in a state of full water with a warm temperature (from 30 degrees Celsius or more), it will germinate easily. To do so, the rice seed must be soaked in warm water 54 degrees Celsius and changed the water every 2 to 4 hours.

There are also the following ways to handle rice

Treat with lime water diluted 2-4%: mix water in the ratio of 3 boiling 2 cold, the amount of water to be mixed needs to be 3 to 5 times more than the rice to be treated, soak for 3 to 5 minutes.

Treat with fungicides: Bavistin, Daconil, Captan, CuSO4, …

Check that the seed is full of water

Depending on the temperature to be able to cook when the rice is full of water, if the temperature is high, the rice will fill up quickly, if the temperature is low, it will fill up slowly, and the thin-skinned rice will fill up faster than the thick-shelled rice.

Seeds must be full of water
Seeds must be full of water

Satisfied grain is a thin grain of rice, the edge of the grain is slightly swollen, the husk is so transparent that it can be seen through.

The hybrid rice varieties, after 36-40 hours, observe the seeds once and similar to the long-grain thin-shelled rice, 48-52 hours, 60-72 hours for thick-shelled round-grained rice.

Some other notes

Should only use cotton, cotton or rattan bags to set up the silage Absolutely do not use plastic bags to store rice.

If the rice seeds are soaked in cold weather for a long time, it is necessary to sow the seeds when the rice seeds have just cracked. Do not leave the rice seeds in the compost pile for too long because this will cause the rice seeds to die due to the starch being discharged out.

If using straw or mulch, it must be compacted and at the same time not allowed to let the cold wind pass through. If using kitchen ash for incubation, the outside of the bag should be covered with a soft damp cloth so that the ash does not absorb water from the rice seeds in the bag, ensuring enough moisture for the rice to germinate.

Soaking for seed germination
Soaking for seed germination

When checking that the rice has a sour smell, it must be washed until the smell is gone before continuing to brew

When sowing, it should be sown in the cool evening, not in the morning. When sowing, it is necessary to throw strongly so that the seedling is submerged in the ground.

So, here are some notes when soaking and incubating rice seeds for you. The soaking of seed rice, although just following the technique, can be initially successful, but it is also necessary to pay attention to some basic notes to get a good crop, good germination and not to spend too much effort. power and money

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