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Identify the characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers

Identify the characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers 1

For a long time, the name of sticky rice with yellow flower has become familiar to Vietnamese people, especially the northern delta and midland provinces in daily life. However, there are still many people who do not know how to distinguish it from other types of rice available on the market, leading to mistaken purchase. Therefore, today Agri will guide you to recognize the Characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers through the article below.

Origin and origin of yellow flower sticky rice

Identify the characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers 2

Rice or sticky rice is an indispensable food in the daily life of Vietnamese people. However, the development of life leads to the increase of human needs, today, people are more careful in the process of choosing rice. Since then, many new varieties of rice have been researched and born, but sticky rice with yellow flowers has always been a popular and appreciated type of rice on the market today.

From time immemorial, his father was familiar with the name sticky rice, or the yellow flower sticky rice that we eat today. This type of rice is widely grown and popular in the Northern midlands and mountainous areas due to its good adaptability to climate and soil conditions.

However, not only here, people can eat yellow flower sticky rice. This quality glutinous rice variety is widely distributed in the market, anyone can buy it at reputable establishments across the country. It is even exported to neighboring countries.

Areas where many sticky yellow flowers are grown can be mentioned as Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, etc. However, due to not being focused on intensive farming and concentrated planting, only scattered in some areas. In the region, today, this rice variety has been lost a lot, no longer fragrant and delicious as before. Therefore, consumers have to choose and buy more carefully. Currently, there are still some newly planned planting places to ensure delicious rice quality such as Kinh Mon – Hai Duong, Yen Phong – Bac Ninh, …

Characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers

Identify the characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers 3

Yellow-flowered glutinous rice is a short-light-responsive cultivar, it is often transplanted in late late season in northern Vietnam. This rice variety has a growth period of about 145 to 160 days and has a relatively stable flowering time from July to October.

The trunk of the yellow-flowered female glutinous rice plant has an average height of about 120-125 cm/plant, the stem is larger than other types of rice, so it has relatively good resistance to shedding. However, the tillering ability of this rice variety is only weakly average, the effective rate of cotton is 50-55%. However, yellow-flowered glutinous rice is still widely planted, popular thanks to its outstanding advantage of being able to withstand some harsh conditions of nature such as alum, sour and low-lying tolerance, drought tolerance at the end of the next crop. for good.

Besides, yellow-flowered glutinous rice also has good resistance to pests and diseases, including blast or powdery mildew. However, its resistance to blight is moderate and can be heavily infested with borers.

The rice flower is usually 20-22 cm long, the number of firm grains on an average of 105-107 grains. Glutinous rice grains with yellow flowers are round, flat and a little smaller than regular glutinous rice grains, have a dark brown color, taste and feel sweet and cool, spreading on the tip of the tongue like milk, consumers should pay attention to this feature to try when buying. rice, avoid buying the wrong kind of rice. In fact, according to reports, the average yield of yellow flower sticky rice is about 35-40 quintals/ha, even high yield can reach 40-45 quintals/ha.

Thanks to the above advantages, in 1995, yellow-flowered female sticky rice was recognized as a variety after a rigorous selection process from local sticky rice varieties.

Nutritional ingredients

Identify the characteristics of sticky rice with yellow flowers 4

Golden flower sticky rice is a clean, popular rice on the market today with abundant nutrients, ensuring an adequate supply of energy for the body. According to nutritional research reports, 100g of glutinous rice with yellow flowers will provide the body with specific nutrients as follows: 380 kcal, 1.5 g of dietary fiber; 0.78g fat; 7.16g protein, 82g carbohydrate, 0.14g sugar; 13.67g water; 32mg calcium and many other minerals.

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