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Hydroponic System trough

Hydroponic 1 . rack trough

Trays for building substrates used for greenhouses, hydroponics, urban agriculture

System of large racks is the perfect solution for high-tech agricultural models using large quantities of media. Usually applied to greenhouses, concrete plantings (terraces), or special growing needs (e.g. one crop has been planted and needs to be cleaned up after each growing season).

The rack tray consists of a high-quality PP plastic trough, with a clamping system and shaping straps, helping the trough to be kept firmly.

Structure of the trough

  1. Storage trough:
  • Size: 16.5+30+16.5 cm or customized upon request.
  • Wall Thickness: 0.7mm
  • White or black color
  • Material: UV resistant HDPE plastic

2. Clamp bar: Use clamps on both sides of the trough

3. Fixed belt

Benefits of the Media Tray

Hydroponic 2 . rack trough

  • Convenient, fast seasonal deployment. Can be used on all types of media with most crops.
  • Can be used in any terrain and ground: for example, growing plants on the terrace
  • Especially popular growing in greenhouses and greenhouses
  • Durable: can be reused for 5-7 years or even up to decades if we use it carefully, even in the condition of using chemical fertilizers. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for all row length requirements: cut as long as you want
  • Premium quality and researched and developed by the Spanish company Hydropoic System
  • Contain media and make the most of the greenhouse area
  • Easy to manage the environment of the growing medium, especially to limit the spread of pests and diseases from the soil
  • Refer to the solution of using Growbag to grow strawberries
Emilia Chaney
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