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Huntington Rose – Infrared wrong flower ideal for you

As we all know, compared to domestic varieties, infrared is getting more attention because of its more unique aesthetic and delicate foreign fragrance. Especially when many varieties of persimmons grown in Vietnam are easy to adapt and produce the same flowers as in their homeland. One of the most popular infrared varieties today cannot fail to mention Huntington’s Rose. Why should you have at least one Huntington tree in your garden?

What do you know about Huntington's infrared creeper?
What do you know about Huntington’s infrared creeper?
  1. Why are Huntington Inflorescences so popular?

It can be said that England is one of the kingdoms of the rose country, which is known as the birthplace of many excellent rose varieties. Here, David Austin is a famous rose researcher known to many “flower enthusiasts” around the world.

Therefore, since 2000, when the Huntington rose was bred by David Austin, it was immediately accepted by the world. Not only thanks to the unique and rare flower shape or the eye-catching lotus pink color, but also because of the scent like a classic medicine that has never been seen in roses before..

Speaking of Huntington, many rose lovers will associate the saying “unity is strength”. Because each flower plant produces a lot of flowers, each branch has at least 3-5 flowers clustered together. Since then, each flower branch has bloomed like a girl wearing a brilliant evening dress, seducing any look.

More especially in winter, the lotus pink color of Huntington’s pink gradually turns to a slightly darker purple, which is perfect.

  1. Salient features of the Huntington rose

In the past, many people thought that infrared varieties like Huntington’s when brought to Vietnam were not suitable for the climate, so their vitality was poor and the flowers were not bright. However, it is a mistake if you have never tried the experience of growing this flower in your home garden.

Contrary to thought, Huntington’s persimmon is an infrared variety that is easy to adapt to the hot and humid climate in Vietnam, so it can easily grow in many places. Especially, the disease resistance of this rose variety is very high, so it limits the attack of pests.

Here are some outstanding properties of Huntington roses that you should know:

  • Huntington’s rose belongs to the climbing rose variety, with a height of up to 5-8m .
  • False flowers all year round, each flower has a thick layer of petals, the number of layers is up to 45-50, the diameter of each flower is quite large from 8 to 10cm, the petals near the center have a rather pointed tip, the more the edges are, the more delicate they are. Curve creates characteristic bounce
  • Flowers usually bloom in clusters, each branch blooms from 3 to 5 flowers
  • The flowers are bright pink with lotus petals, in the winter it is colder, it gradually turns to purple, in the hot summer, the durability of the flower lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  • The leaves are green, the young stems are slightly reddish purple
  • Sweet, pleasant, classic herbal aroma
Huntington's roses have a high vitality, easily adapting to each living environment
Huntington’s roses have a high vitality, easily adapting to each living environment
  1. Application and decoration

Thanks to its high climbing properties and good growth ability, climbing persimmons are often grown in many different locations in the home garden such as:

  • Planted on the balconies of high-rise buildings, allowing Huntington to grow under the roof
  • Planting around the walls, planting fences or gates, iron racks
  • Combine with other varieties of roses with a variety of colors to decorate the garden
  • Cotton can be cut in clusters to plug in vases, decorative vases in the house are very beautiful, the fragrance lingers for a long time
  • Used to make hand-held flower bouquets extremely eye-catching and impressive
Huntington climbing roses should be planted to decorate the fence gate
Huntington climbing roses should be planted to decorate the fence gate
  1. How to grow and care for Huntington roses to flower all year round

To meet the purpose of home garden decoration, you definitely need to know how to grow and care for Huntington roses to help bloom all year round.

The first is about how to grow, you can grow Huntington like any other rose, just need to step into the soil, provide nutrients to the soil and down the seedlings. This rose variety can be found at reputable rose nurseries.

Next is the care technique, you should pay attention to the following steps:

  • Watering: maintain regular watering 3-5 times per week, should be watered but not in the evening. In winter, when it is cold, it should be watered at noon when the sun starts to shine.
  • Pest control: it is necessary to perform pruning, periodic tops and pest monitoring, intervention with chemical drugs when necessary.
  • Fertilizing: In addition to priming before planting, should be divided into batches to fertilize roses, stimulate plants to thrive and flower evenly.
Huntington roses with proper care often bloom fresh and last long
Huntington roses with proper care often bloom fresh and last long

In short, Huntington roses are an easy-to-grow infrared variety that offers perfect color and aroma. Therefore, you will definitely regret if you do not choose this flower to add right into your garden.

Emilia Chaney
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