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Huge profits when applying high-tech shrimp farming model

In recent times, the aquaculture industry has been paying attention and investing in more advanced technology to increase production efficiency. One of the fields of animal husbandry that applies modern technology with great efficiency is hi-tech shrimp farming. What did you understand about the hi-tech shrimp farming model? In today’s article, we will help you better understand this field, don’t rush through it.

The risks of shrimp farming in the old way

According to the old method, shrimp seed will be raised in earthen ponds. However, with the heavy changes of the environment today, the shrimp ponds seem to no longer have the same stable quality as before.

Shrimp farming according to the old method has many risks
Shrimp farming according to the old method has many risks

The water source in shrimp ponds is affected by garbage and domestic wastewater, so shrimp are susceptible to diseases, do not develop and do not give the best quality.

Not only that, shrimp farming in earthen ponds is difficult to adjust the temperature and pH in the water, cannot handle harmful microorganisms in pond water, so shrimp farmers are prone to losses.

What is hi-tech shrimp farming?

You can simply understand, high-tech shrimp farming is a form of increasing shrimp production through strict control of the farming cycle. High-tech shrimp farming models include:

  • Automatic feeding technology.
  • Using the most advanced cloud computing technology to monitor, control and adjust the indicators of the water environment.
  • The whole project, shrimp farming system is arranged, orderly and reasonable.
  • There are continuous models from farming ponds, settling ponds, waste storage and treatment ponds, water storage…

With the form of high-tech shrimp farming, shrimp production can be 10 times higher than that of shrimp farming in the old way.

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Hi-tech shrimp farming brings higher yields
Hi-tech shrimp farming brings higher yields

What are the characteristics of the hi-tech shrimp farming model?

High-tech shrimp farming is also known as the industrial shrimp farming model. Depending on the amount of investment capital and farming density, the model has its own special features. However, high-tech shrimp farming in greenhouses is currently the most commonly applied model.

With a model of high-tech shrimp farming in a greenhouse, the cost will be somewhat higher. However, the model helps shrimp farmers to control diseases well and limit environmental pollution.

To raise shrimp in a greenhouse, farmers need to invest:

  • Build a pond area suitable to the shrimp you want to raise.
  • There is a canvas on the bottom of the shirt, using a net house.
  • There are automatic feeding machines and wastewater treatment lines.
  • Build a wall around the shrimp pond, with an iron frame, covered with a curtain.
  • There must be additional types of auxiliary ponds such as water storage ponds, settling ponds, treatment ponds, etc.
High-tech shrimp farming model needs a system of closely linked areas
High-tech shrimp farming model needs a system of closely linked areas

Issues to keep in mind when raising hi-tech shrimp

When raising high-tech shrimp, instead of using antibiotics, farmers need to switch to probiotics for waste treatment and disease prevention to bring clean and quality shrimp.

High-tech shrimp farming is a new and not easy field. Therefore, farmers need to constantly update new technologies and techniques to ensure a stable shrimp farming environment, steady shrimp development and the best quality.

High-tech shrimp farming needs to be constantly updated with new techniques
High-tech shrimp farming needs to be constantly updated with new techniques

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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