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How to take care of peach blossoms to bloom on Tet holiday

According to Agriculture Newspaper, there are less than 3 months left until Tet. This is the time when people grow vegetables, crops and ornamental flowers busy preparing and taking care of the trees for the traditional occasion. In which the apricot and peach branches are taken care of the most.

Peach is a beautiful flower used to decorate homes for the New Year. Peach blossom symbolizes fertility, pray for peace and happiness for the family. How to care for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of Tet must be the concern of many gardeners and flower players. Here are some tips to care for the peach blossom tree to bloom right on the Lunar New Year.

1. Stop fertilizing, water peaches, combine peach trees

In order for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, from October onwards, people stop fertilizing the trees. At the same time do not water the peaches late. The flowering time of peaches depends a lot on weather factors. Depending on the weather conditions each year (rainy, cold or sunny), peach growers must spray cold water (or warm water) to slow down peach blossom (or stimulate early peach blossom).

Peach tree island

Depending on the wall of the peach tree, the time to turn the tree will be different. The time to turn the trees of the peach variety is about August 1, Phai dig around July 20, and That Thon dig around July 1 according to the lunar calendar.

How to care for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of the New Year, people must pay attention to properly turning the tree. Proceed to dig 1 gourd about 20-25cm from the root, 20-25cm deep. Note when digging, pay attention to avoid breaking the pot. People choose a sunny day and in the morning to island. When the island, depending on the purpose of use, people can uproot the tree into the pot or move the tree to another hole, remember to fill in the ground and cut the stump.


In order for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of Tet, from October onwards, people stop fertilizing the trees (Source: Internet)

2. Apply the “castration” method of peaches

“Casting” peaches is one of the effective ways to care for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of the New Year that folk often spread to each other. According to the experience of many longtime digging players, the appropriate time to “castrate” peaches is around the 8th lunar month.

Peaches are “castrated” by cutting off a portion of the stem’s bark below the branch using a sharp knife. The peach leaves typically change from dark green to pale yellow and droop within a week. They proceed to cut another slice of the peel just in case the leaves are still green. Once the shell has been peeled, cover the cut with a plastic bag and secure the bag tightly to prevent rainwater from collecting where the shell has been ringed and leading to shell rot.

After “castration” the tree, from the beginning of the 10th lunar month, limit the application of fertilizers with high nitrogen content for the tree. From the middle to the end of the 11th lunar month, stop fertilizing the peach roots, and at the same time limit watering to prepare for leaf plucking.

3. Pulling leaves for peach trees

In the ways to care for peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of Tet, it is indispensable to pluck leaves for the tree. The time of leaf plucking plays an important role in determining the time when peach blossoms bloom. For peach trees, the leaves should be cut off 2 months before the Lunar New Year.

The time to pluck leaves for the tree is based on a leap year or a normal year, the weather in each year as well as the growth and development of the tree. If you pluck by hand, you need to be careful not to cut off the stem of the leaves that stick to the branches, so you will lose flower buds. For peach trees, people should beat the tree and replant the tree 1-2 months before plucking the leaves. That’s how to take care of peach blossoms to bloom on the occasion of the traditional New Year.


Gardeners pull leaves for peach trees (Source: Internet)

4. How to push and slow down peaches to bloom in time for the Lunar New Year

People base on the weather conditions each year to apply how to care for peach blossoms to bloom properly during Tet. Accordingly, pay attention to whether the weather is warm or cold, peach trees tend to bloom early or bloom late to apply the method of promoting and braking flowers.

In mid-November of the lunar calendar, if the weather conditions are humid for a long time, the flower buds are large, it is likely that the peach blossoms will bloom earlier. So you need to slow down.

How to stop peaches from blooming early: Make a trellis with a black net, and at the same time spray cold water regularly on the trunk, branches and leaves of the tree. Proceed to mix urea with 1% concentration to spray on peach leaves. Use a knife to circle a circle or more around the branches and trunk to limit the transport of nutrients to the tree to inhibit the growth of the tree. About 10 – 12% of the roots can be scattered around the excavated stump. These measures are to slow the peach blossom to bloom early and help the tree to flower in time for the Lunar New Year

In case you encounter abnormal weather that affects the flowering speed, causing the peach tree to bloom late, you should apply measures to promote peaches so that the trees can flower in time for Tet.

How to push peaches to bloom late: In years of prolonged cold weather (under 10 degrees Celsius for about 7 days), in the 12th lunar month, if peaches have not yet seen clear flower buds, proceed to push flowers. Relatives can apply the trick or people still tell each other not to water the tree after a few days, then proceed to water it again with warm water from 40 – 50 degrees Celsius around the peach tree. People watered 5-6 times/day in combination with plastic cages and lighting at night. Spray foliar fertilizer Dau Trau 901 to stimulate flowers to bloom in time for Tet.

Here are some effective ways to take care of peach blossoms on the occasion of Tet. Hopefully the information in the article will help you take good care of your flowers and have a peach tree that blooms brightly to welcome Tet.

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