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How to take care of durian trees for high economic efficiency

How to take care of durian trees
The famous Dung Map durian

How to take care of durian trees very important for those who are growing durian. For those who grow to eat fruit, perhaps there will be less pressure if their tree does not bear fruit forever or when the fruit falls, the taste is not good, not fat. But for people who grow durian to make a living, this is a big problem.

So how to take care of durian trees to have high economic efficiency?

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The most important way to care for durian trees is to water them

How to take care of durian trees
Mist irrigation for durian trees

When you have just planted a tree for a few weeks, you should water the stem and leaves to keep the plant warm.

The density of watering depends on the weather, if the weather is hot, the sun is hot, it should be watered evenly, especially at noon and late afternoon to avoid dehydration. In the rainy season, you should reduce the amount of water to irrigate the plants, instead, you should perform tasks to help drain the water, avoid stagnant water, affecting the roots.

Pruning branches to take care of durian trees effectively

Pruning plays a very important role in the process of taking care of durian trees. If you don’t prune, when you take good care of other durian trees, the tree grows well, but the foliage is luxuriant, many branches are useless, and there is no special function. This makes it impossible for nutrients to focus on growing fruit, affecting production efficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to prune the branches to allow ventilation and minimize pests and diseases. Leaves will receive more light, from which photosynthesis will take place continuously, plants will grow faster.

Should focus on pruning the first level branches and proceed to stratify the foliage and branches of durian trees. For mature trees, it is best to have 3 to 4 level 1 branches on each floor and the distance between each floor is half a meter. As for the secondary and tertiary branches, if they grow too fast, grow too much, they should be trimmed, not to let them absorb too much nutrients from the tree.

Fertilize to take care of durian trees to the maximum effect

How to take care of durian trees
How to take care of durian trees

How to care for durian trees encourages you to fertilize regularly for durian trees. As you can see, this is a large tree, so the required amount of nutrients also corresponds to the size of the tree. Therefore, each year the tree needs to be fertilized many times with the amount of fertilizer increasing each year.

Basically, each year the tree needs about 10 to 20 kg of organic fertilizer. You can compost your home’s dried fruits and vegetables to make fertilizer for your plants, or now commonly used vermicompost also gives great results.

Add a small amount of inorganic fertilizer including Urea, Phosphorus, KCl or K2SO4 depending on the nutrient requirements of the tree and the nature of your durian growing soil. These fertilizers should be applied in the ratio 1:4:0.5.

For NPK fertilizer type 15:15:15, each plant should be about 0.5kg and divided into several times a year. As for the type 9:24:24, it should be fertilized by diluting and then watering under the tree or spreading evenly under the root. Then add a layer of crushed soil on top. However, this type of fertilizer should only be used at the time the plant is about to flower to stimulate faster flowering and larger flowers.

How to take care of durian trees for heavy fruit
How to take care of durian trees so that the season is no longer melancholy!

For trees that are in the fruiting period, it is recommended to apply more Potassium fertilizer, preferably NPK fertilizer type 14:14:24 to stimulate the tree to produce fruit quickly, large and sweet. Fertilize the plant about 5-6kg each year and divide it into 3 regular periods.

Wishing everyone, after taking care of durian trees, have a bountiful harvest!

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