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How to prevent and treat care in dogs

In the previous article, AgriSearch introduced you to a common dangerous disease in dogs. Currently, there is no medicine to treat this disease. Mainly due to the owners’ awareness of disease prevention through the use of vaccines against diseases for dogs from a young age. That is why prevention is so important. Dog owners, please read this article to know how to prevent dog disease!

How to prevent disease care in dogs

The most important thing is that prevention is better than cure. When the dog already has Care, the chance of being completely cured is very low.

Use the attenuated care vaccine for your dog. This vaccine is safe, with a protection period for dogs from 6 months to 1 year. Because maternal antibodies can protect nursing puppies from 4-6 weeks, vaccination should only be given to puppies from 2 months of age. To be sure, a second injection should be given when the puppy is 3.5 months old. For pet dogs and service dogs, the use of immunostaining serum is necessary.

As a rule of thumb for disease prevention in dogs, antisera should be used in animals that are just beginning to become ill or, better yet, in healthy dogs who have been exposed to sick dogs. Vaccination should be repeated 3 weeks after taking antisera. It is also possible to use a multivalent vaccine to limit the injection work, inject one dose to prevent 5 to 6 diseases such as flu, cough, rabies, care …

When suspecting that the dog is sick, it is necessary to report to the doctor for examination and also to isolate. Carcasses of sick dogs need to be buried deep between 2 layers of lime powder. Do not float in rivers, streams, public places or as food for people and other animals. Kennels and cages for sick dogs must be disinfected with lime water or sprayed with disinfectants. This is to avoid spreading the disease to other dogs.

The most important thing when it comes to dog disease prevention is cleanliness. You need to perform good veterinary hygiene, nurturing care. Keeping the common place clean, taking care of the dog’s health. In particular, you should let your dog exercise every day, keep warm in winter. Give your dog a nutritious meal.

You also need to take your dog for regular medical check-ups at agri

How to treat care in dogs?

Currently, there is no cure for this disease. Therefore, to avoid being transmitted to other dogs, you should separate your dog into a place to take care of or take it to a veterinary clinic.

Can use one of the antibiotics to treat secondary infections such as: Vime-Tobra, Amoxi 15% LA, Vimexyson COD, Spectylo, Lincocin 10%….

Because the dog has a lot of diarrhea, 5% Glucose infusion should be given to replace water and electrolytes for the dog to recover quickly. In addition, dogs also need to be infused with protein solutions and anticonvulsants.

You may need to give your dog a saline solution or Ringerlactate solution. This helps support the heart and vitamin C. At the same time, it helps to provide energy, strength, support, rehydration, detoxification. Combination injections of martosal and atropin help prevent vomiting.

You need to give your dog more high-dose antibiotics. After that, you wash the dog’s intestines with a dilute solution of potassium permanganate (0.1%).

Give your dog kanamycin 10-20 mg/kg orally four times a day, or 5 to 7 mg subcutaneously twice a day.

Please keep the sick dog in a warm dry place, use fever reducer, pain reliever, atropine to reduce intestinal spasms.

Agri always recommends that customers take their pets to a reputable veterinary facility for care. Do not self-treat at home because this is a dangerous disease in dogs

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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