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How to Prepare Nutrient-Rich Rose Soil

Before planting trees, you must buy soil, pots, flowers, fertilizers, rice husks, coir, charcoal, perline, charcoal, lime powder, Trichoderma mushrooms…. For soil and fertilizer you can make use of in the garden, ask family members. But you need to note that cow manure must be handled carefully to rot, coir has to be processed all acrid, rice husk must be smoked rice husk. Here agri will guide you How to prepare the soil for planting roses The easiest.

The growing medium for roses needs to be porous and well-drained

I would like to tell a story of a rose grower, but because he did not handle the rose plant carefully, he had to pay dearly for nearly 100 roses.

“I paid a very high price when I mixed the whole garden with coconut fiber and uncomposted cow dung. As a result, up to now, nearly 100 persimmon roots have died due to root damage. You know, I’m so naive that I just think mixing coconut fiber bought at the store, watering every day, it will wash away the acrid substance. But no, the acrid substance clings to the roots, making it impossible for the roots to absorb and the uncomposted cow dung helps to destroy the roots of the plant. At that time, I had big trees 4-5 years old, had green veins and shriveled leaves, pulled the tree up to find the roots, but alas, there was not a single white root.” This is a true story that we know.

For rose growing media you can buy it at a store that sells agricultural supplies, but there are many types of media, you need to see what mixtures they contain inside. As far as we know, there are growing medias that can be mixed with alluvial soil, fresh rice husks with little fertilizer. There are facilities that use alluvial soil mixed with rice husks and less fertilizer…. As for our side, we provide a mixture of clean organic soil including alluvial soil, treated humus and decayed manure. These are the 3 main ingredients to help ornamental plants grow well, and when you grow roses, you mix a little rice husk, (1 bag of 10kg of soil, add 0.5kg of rice husk) to help the soil more loose and drained, 1 handful of powdered lime or 1 handful of Trichoderma fungi to eliminate fungi in the soil

Growing roses in pots needs a drainage medium, not stagnant water
Growing roses in pots needs a drainage medium, not stagnant water

As for you who do not use ready-made clean soil, you should use a mixture according to the ratio: 50% of the market soil, the remaining 50% of the mixture consists of 30% smoked rice husk, 30% processed coconut fiber, 40% phosphate fertilizer microorganisms and rotted cow manure, or goat manure or worm manure, or use chicken manure. But all manure needs to be treated and decomposed

After you have mixed the soil into a rose growing medium, you can layer 1 layer of charcoal or 1 layer of wholesale charcoal (wholesale without the white part, powder) or use light gravel for the bottom of the pot and then change the soil ½ pot in, place the plant then change the ground around the base, up to the root. Daily watering and spraying more foliar fertilizer Atonik helps plants grow better

Mix the right media with enough beautiful big flowers
Mix the right media with enough beautiful big flowers

Note: Roses are wind-loving flowers, so when you finish the pot, you should put the pot in the sun and water it. Sunshine for about 6 hours or more is the best.

For rainy weather, you need to visit the potted plant, see if the tree has standing water in the pot, it needs to be drained immediately without waterlogging, causing yellowing of leaves and loss of leaves after purchase. After each rain, you should not water any more fertilizer, wait for sunny weather and dry soil before watering.

Need to pay more attention to roses in the rain to avoid waterlogging
Need to pay more attention to roses in the rain to avoid waterlogging

Here we share about stitches Prepare the land to plant roses The easiest. Hope the above article will help you.

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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