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How to plant spinach seeds to germinate quickly, for lush vegetables

Spinach is a short-term agricultural crop that can be grown all year round, with high yield. This vegetable is mainly grown by vegetable seeds, with high germination rate, good growth and development. Sowing spinach at home to serve the needs of the family, in order for the seeds to germinate quickly and the vegetables to grow green, you need to have proper planting and care techniques.

1. Prepare soil, styrofoam and spinach seeds

Preparing the soil for planting:

To sow the seeds of spinach with good germination and fast growth, you can plant it on loamy or sandy soil with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5. Mix the soil with coir and rice husk ash at a ratio of 2:1:1 for good drainage. The soil and media mixed together must be treated to remove pathogens before mixing.

For families who live in the city and do not have available land, you can buy organic soil or clean Sfarm soil specialized for vegetables and fruits at stores selling seeds and agricultural supplies to sow vegetable seeds. spinach.

Prepare a Styrofoam box for sowing spinach seeds

Choose the number of Styrofoam boxes, the size of the Styrofoam boxes is suitable for the number of vegetables you grow. With spinach, you should choose a foam box with the smallest size of 22cm. Styrofoam containers must be perforated for drainage before planting. If you don’t have a styrofoam box, you can buy smart vegetable pots instead.

Spinach is a shade- and light-loving plant. Therefore, you should limit placing the styrofoam containers in places with strong direct sunlight. The crate should be placed under a large tree or on a covered terrace.

Prepare spinach seeds

You can buy vegetable seeds from agricultural stores, choose pre-packaged agricultural seeds of reputable brands. Alternatively, you can use seeds from previous vegetable crops for seeding.


Mixing soil with rice husk ash helps to increase soil porosity (Source: Internet)

2. How to sow spinach seeds

After you have the seeds of spinach, you proceed to soak the seeds before planting.

Soaking vegetable seeds

Spinach seeds are quite thick, so you soak them for 10-12 hours with warm water about 40-50 degrees Celsius. Then, take out the seeds and put them in a damp towel. Proceed to spray with the necessary amount of water to create moisture for the seeds. Note only lightly misting to avoid getting wet and then placing the seeds in a dark place.

During seed incubation, you need to check the incubation towel regularly, if you see that the incubator is dry, you should spray water to keep the seed moisture just right. Incubate the seeds for about 12 to 24 hours for the seeds to crack and then bring them to sow.

Pay attention not to let the sprouts grow long roots to sow because that will easily destroy the sprouts and break the roots. If soaking for the right time and some seeds still do not sprout, you can still sow normally.

Sow the seeds of spinach

Sow the seeds directly into the styrofoam container. Use your hands to make a small hole in the soil, put the seeds in and cover with a thin layer of soil on top. The appropriate planting distance between vegetable seeds is 10cm. After sowing, water lightly, cover with straw to keep the soil moist.

After about 5-7 days of sowing, spinach seeds will germinate. The plant grows about 2-3 true leaves, then you check the distance between the trees. Uproot the stunted plants, thin them to the appropriate density of vegetables.


Vegetable seeds need to be soaked before sowing to increase germination (Source: Internet)

3. Take care of spinach

Spinach does not need too much care, the plant can completely grow healthy without having to fertilize too much. However, to keep the vegetables fresh and green, after cutting the leaves to grow new leaves, for year-round harvest, you should pay attention to watering and fertilizing the plants.

Fertilizing: Before planting vegetables, you proceed to mix in the soil nutrients such as chicken manure, organic cow manure, vermicompost, rice husk ash, coconut fiber, etc. After harvesting the leaves, let the plants continue to grow, You proceed to fertilize the plants with composted organic fertilizers.

Watering: Water the spinach twice a day in the early morning and evening. If it rains, stop watering the plants and take protective measures to limit waterlogging. Spinach is a moisture-loving vegetable, so be careful not to let the soil get too dry. If the soil is dry, proceed to water the plant immediately.

Make a trellis: You can let spinach grow under the ground or you can make a perch to make the vegetables grow smoothly and easily harvest.

In addition, you need to regularly check and pull out weeds so that spinach always grows green.

With just the steps of sowing spinach seeds, taking care of plants at home, you have a green vegetable garden for family use. Spinach is rich in nutrients, cool, healthy, easy to grow and easy to care for. If you have a small garden or terrace, spacious balcony, then try growing this vegetable!

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– Reference information compiled by the Doctor of Agriculture –

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