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How to mix vegetable soil is very easy with just a few simple steps

Applying the way of mixing vegetable soil in cultivation
Children are applying the method of mixing vegetable soil in farming

How to mix vegetable soil is the solution for those who are passionate about growing clean vegetables at home but their soil is not fertile enough, not nutritious enough, not suitable for growing. Many of you mistakenly think that growing vegetables is easy, but in fact, if you do not know how to mix the soil, planting the wrong type of soil is also an extremely difficult problem.

Items to prepare before doing the mixing of vegetable soil

To make the way to mix vegetable soil, you should prepare soil, substrate and fertilizer for plants.

The ground

The way to mix vegetable soil will not be difficult if you have a ready source of soil. This is natural soil that can be obtained in your own garden or in the surrounding areas where you live. It can be light soil, alluvial soil, mixed sandy soil or fertile topsoil, etc.

The ground is prepared to apply the method of mixing vegetable soil
The ground is prepared to apply the method of mixing vegetable soil

However, when choosing land, note that do not choose places near factories or enterprises because the soil may absorb toxic substances or have been contaminated. Therefore, the ground soil when brought back should be checked carefully before use, otherwise it will take a lot of effort to mix the vegetable soil, but it will not bring any effect.

The ground soil before mixing needs to be exposed to the sun for many days about 2-3 times. After that, you should crumble, smooth, and loosen the soil. You should sprinkle more on your soil with a little tricoderma – this fungus is widely available in the market, in the store selling pesticides, can be replaced with lime powder. This method is to kill pathogens for the soil, avoiding affecting the plants.

Prices can

This way of mixing vegetable soil will not be possible without the medium. Because, the medium will help the soil to be loose, retain moisture longer and at the same time help you save more soil.

It is possible to create a substrate from sawdust, coir, kitchen ash, rice husk or shredded paperboard. All can be found at home without having to choose at the store.


Organic fertilizer from vegetables
Take advantage of unused vegetables and fruits to compost into organic fertilizer

Because it is a home plant, it is not necessary to use chemical fertilizers or fertilizers with high nitrogen content. You can use your own chicken manure (if you have chickens) or use self-composted organic fertilizer from vegetables and fruits that have not been used for a long time.

How to mix vegetable soil based on ratio

Recipe for mixing vegetable soil
How to mix vegetable soil in the ratio 5-3-2

The most recommended ratio of soil for growing vegetables, flowers, and garden plants is 5-3-2. It mean:

  • 20% feces
  • 30% price
  • 50% of land

For ease of measurement, you should use buckets of the same size to determine the appropriate content.

Depending on the type of vegetable grown, the ratio of soil mixing will change. However, the above ratio applies to quite a few simple vegetables grown in your garden, especially for small gardeners, growing 5-7 different plants or vegetables on a small scale for each type. .

How to mix vegetable soil according to a simple process

Step 1: Mix the soil according to the ratio in the previous part

Step 2: Should add a few earthworms to the mix to make the soil more fertile.

Step 3: Mix the soil and smash. Then mix and beat again.

Step 4: Put the soil that has been fully applied with the vegetable soil mixes into trays, pots, and foam containers and proceed to sow and grow vegetables as usual.

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Why do we need to make a way to mix vegetable soil without buying it at the store?

Today, these ways of mixing vegetable soil are not often applied, but people tend to go to the store to buy.

In fact, doing it yourself or buying it doesn’t make much difference or affect the quality of the soil as well as the plants. But for those who are passionate about gardening, having a garden made with their own hands from the soil to fertilizing is really meaningful. Not only that, this is also a way to train children in the family to know how to do simple farming, helping family members get closer together.

In particular, the way of mixing soil for growing vegetables is an extremely economical method, suitable for those with low incomes, without worrying about the cost as well as the price of ready-mixed land in the market.

Note: Although the method of mixing vegetable soil has been applied with high efficiency, after a while, it is recommended to bring the soil to improve and refresh the soil to grow new crops with higher efficiency than the old one.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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