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How to mix media for hydroponic vegetables?

How to mix media for hydroponic vegetables?

substrate for hydroponic vegetables

The method of growing hydroponic plants is currently being widely applied not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries. This method does not use soil, but only uses water containing a nutrient solution and an initial medium for the roots to adhere to. So how to mix the medium for hydroponic vegetables like?

For the hydroponic vegetable growing method in particular and hydroponic growing in general, the ideal substrate must ensure the following requirements: being able to retain moisture, ensure a medium pH level, breathable, durable, and cheap. , can be reused in the next time. Some common types of hydroponic substrates can be mentioned as: coir, smoked rice husks, sawdust, mud, coal, sand, gravel…

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Mixing media mixture for hydroponic vegetables brings high efficiency in growing clean vegetables

Coir and husk are mainly used to grow clean vegetables. To ensure high efficiency for plants, it is necessary to mix many types of media together in the right ratio. For example, clean soil substrate, smoked rice husk, coir in the ratio 1:1:1, coco coir substrate, smoked rice husk 1:1, clean soil and coir in the ratio 1:1, soil substrate clean and husked 1:1.

After the study, the experts gave the results that showed high safety, ensuring the correct content standards did not affect the user’s health of the growing medium.

Commonly grown hydroponic vegetable substrates

The two most widely used and studied media types are:

  • Clean soil + charred rice husk + coir
  • Coconut coir + smoked rice husks

For leafy vegetables such as celery, lettuce, broccoli, these two types of media are the most suitable. During the research, media 1 (clean soil + charred rice husk + coir) gave the best growth to vegetable plants, long, fat, green stems, high yield, and less heavy metal content than allowed. ensure a source of clean, safe vegetables that do not affect human health.

Type 2 medium (coconut fiber and smoked rice husk) also helps plants grow well, high yield. However, do not burn the rice husk over fire because it will increase the potassium content, cause excess potassium and affect the nutrient concentration of the rice husk. hydroponic solution.

Effective media mixing formulas

As the results of the above study, the hydroponic vegetable growing: clean soil + coir + rice husk are properly mixed according to the formula 1:1:1 to bring high efficiency for growing vegetables. However, before they can be mixed into a mixture, they need to be treated.

substrate for hydroponic vegetables

Clean soil has been treated by the manufacturer with fungi and pathogens, so it does not need to be treated anymore… If you use natural and untreated coir, it needs to be cut into small pieces soaked in water to remove the acrid substance and dried if necessary. conditions that can handle fungi and bacteria. Rice husks need to be smoked at a moderate level because if the rice husks are burned too hot, it will be easy to increase the potassium content in the solution.

However, when you buy clean soil, smoked rice husks or treated coir from the store, you just need to mix and use. Mix the medium well and then put the substrate on a hydroponic plastic basket (or a plastic glass with a hole in the bottom) to grow plants, creating the best environment for plants to grow and develop.

Hopefully with the above information, you can refer to and apply it to mix media for hydroponic vegetableshelping plants to achieve high yields, providing a safe and clean source of green vegetables.



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