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How To Mechanize Agriculture Effectively

Agricultural mechanization In recent years, there have been many significant improvements and have been widely applied in production, forestry, fishery and processing to contribute to improving productivity and quality in all products. So do you know what mechanization is, as well as why you should apply mechanization in agriculture, let’s find out details with

  1. What is mechanization?

Mechanization is often called by its English name agricultural Mechanization. Mechanization is the process of replacing labor tools such as human power and livestock into the driving force of machines. Replace outdated tools with high-tech solutions.

Agricultural mechanization appeared to help reduce labor and labor time to a minimum
Agricultural mechanization appeared to help reduce labor and labor time to a minimum

Mechanization is based on the developed mechanical industry, capable of researching and manufacturing many machines with large capacity to perform all stages of farming work in accordance with the requirements of plant growth and development. grow.

2.Why should apply mechanization in agriculture?

Because the project’s goal has been set to 2023, only focusing on development thanks to mechanization from heavy to light stages, in order to reduce rural labor pressure, increase product value to new heights. to ensure that the production stages are focused on mechanized agriculture.

In the main crop field of the country, the rate of applying machinery in the care stage must reach 95% and the harvesting stage must reach 89%. In the field of forestry, in areas specializing in forestry, the scale of application of machinery is extremely large, the stages of soil preparation must be 80%, planting trees must reach 60%, pest control and disease prevention. , forest fire fighting and harvesting.

For the seafood industry, in ponds and lakes farming on agricultural scale, 95% of the farming area uses machinery, and for fishing, increasing the number of fishing resources at sea must reach 100,000. pcs.

Agricultural mechanization leads to higher productivity
Agricultural mechanization leads to higher productivity
  1. Types of machinery farmers should invest in

3.1 Cow lawn mower

The lawn mower for cows is one of the powerful machines, capable of cutting many different types of grass, corn stalks with an extremely large area. There are many farms that are raising, cows, buffaloes, sheep, de all use lawn mowers for cows. Compared with manual harvesting, using a lawnmower for cows will help farmers harvest grass simultaneously to save costs, ensure that the grass is cut at the right age, the amount of nutrition of the grass in the field. highest level.

Lawn mowers operate from a blaster head movement through belts and gearboxes for the ability to quickly cut a wide variety of grasses. The productivity when using this lawn mower must reach 2,000 – 4,000 (m2/h), so it is very suitable for households or large farms.

3.2 Seeding Machine

Seeding machine is also known as semi-automatic seeding machine. The seeder has a lot of different features such as hole making, seeding and backfilling which is perfect for sowing seeds. This is one of the very smart products that will help farmers sow quickly on a large empty area, saving maximum time and effort, and reducing the cost of hiring labor for high efficiency.

3.3 Spray Wire

Pressure hose is also known as a multi-purpose steam pipe, this is also a type of wire with elastic, flexible, resistant to force, widely used in gas, liquid and water conduction. Often applied to many different areas such as industry, agriculture, used as a pipe for spraying water or pesticides or as a water pipe in the car wash industry.

Using a sprinkler system to save watering time
Using a sprinkler system to save time on watering

Above is the most complete information about agricultural mechanization today. Hope these details on industrial mechanization will help you to expand your knowledge

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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