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How to make roses grow many branches to prepare for Tet 2021

How to make a rose with many branches
How to make a rose with many branches

A lot of you always wonder How to make a rose with many branches. Although I have planted persimmons with the correct technique, I can only climb a few branches or worse, produce a few sub-branches.

So how can the persimmon tree have many branches now? Read the article below to know how to make roses with many branches!

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How to make roses have many branches by pruning

How to make a rose with many branches
How to make roses have many branches by pruning

Why pruning is a way to make roses more branched?

Pruning is the best form of stimulating the rose to produce many branches. The application of the method of making roses with many branches also means creating more new places for young shoots to sprout, even more suitable for those who want to create a clump or a rose gate.

However, the way to make a rose with many branches is often very few young people who support pruning because you only know that you should prune when the tree is about to flower to focus on flower nutrition, but I am expecting a tree with many branches to cut. go do what. This is a very wrong and outdated way of thinking.

So how to prune to make roses more effective?

Trimming tools need to be guaranteed

Before performing the method of making roses with many branches by pruning, you should use alcohol or boiling water to sterilize the scissors. Do not use scissors that have been rusted or are not clean, which will cause the tree to contract some unnecessary pathogens later.

Pruning depends on the maturity of the tree

When you have just cut branches or cut branches for nearly 2 months, when the stem has bloomed about 5-6 leaves, you should proceed to cut the top of the rose tree. Thanks to that, after only about 2 weeks, the tree will grow new branches, and usually there will be about two to three branches depending on the care regimen when you make the rose to many branches.

When the tree has 2-3 branches, the leaves grow unevenly and sparsely, you do not need to press the buds like when you just extracted, but just need to prune a few leaves of the tree.

When the tree is mature and has been planted for a long time, it is advisable to cut off cumbersome branches, too luxuriant, causing loss of aesthetics and hindering flower nutrition.

What is the best time to prune?

Many people see that the tree is sick and misunderstood, so they pruned the tree inappropriately, causing the tree to be in a worse condition. To make the rose branch effective, you should prune the tree at a dry, cool time. Do not prune when the leaves are still wet, which easily creates favorable conditions for pests and diseases to attack the plant.

How to make a rose grow many branches by pulling branches

One of the most effective ways to make roses have many branches is to pull branches. That is, after the rose tree is large, you use a rope to tie and pull the rose branch. You should pull until the branch is horizontal, parallel to the ground. After only a short time, from the branch you pulled will grow new branches.

However, if you are smart, do this. Otherwise, you will accidentally pull a branch to pluck a branch, which will only make the condition of your tree worse.

How to make roses have many branches depends largely on the diet

How to make a rose with many branches
How to make roses have many branches thanks to the care regime

In addition to taking some measures to help stimulate the tree to branch, you should also supplement and care for the rose tree fully and carefully so that the tree has the best conditions to grow. Plants will grow quickly if provided with enough fertilizer and okay Sprinklers regularly.

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