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How to Kill White Butterflies Effectively

Whiteflies are one of the most common pests in the world. These tiny insects wreak havoc on crops. With their habit of eating tree sap can cause widespread damage. Is a notorious vector for plant viruses that transmit all sorts of plant diseases. Causes stunting, defoliation, yield loss and plant death. Here are the instructions how to kill white butterfly effective.

What is a white butterfly?

More closely related to scales and mealybugs. These are sap-sucking insects that deplete nutrients. These small white bugs often have a butterfly-like appearance of a few millimeters.

Characteristics of white butterfly

White butterflies have a black body, white wings with a black triangular top. The body of the butterfly is 17-20mm long, the width when spreading is 37-42mm. White butterfly eggs are hemispherical yellow. After hatching, the worm is green, with a small black spot on its back. The caterpillars will eat all the leaves of the vegetables, and eat them up, leaving only the veins of the leaves. Make vegetables become bare and fibrous.

Butterflies are active during the day and can lay 50-200 eggs on leaves. Eggs are laid in large nests covered with yellow-brown feathers.

This type of butterfly is usually active during the day
This type of butterfly is usually active during the day

Signs to identify white butterflies

First, do a visual check around the house. Whiteflies feed on the undersides of leaves, so this is where they are most likely to be found. Looks like small, white caterpillars, usually arranged in a circle of larvae.

Another way to test for the presence of whiteflies is with a yellow sticky pad. These glue traps can be placed near the house. It is also possible to cause the trunk to shake violently to see a cloud of white bugs rise.

White butterflies usually live under the surfaces of leaves
White butterflies usually live under the surfaces of leaves

The sticky honeys secreted by whiteflies encourage fungal growth. It has a patchy shape, distinctly dark in color. In extreme cases, this can cover large areas of leaves.

They can mottle leaves and cause yellowing, wilting and stunting, and premature defoliation.

Harm of white butterfly

Can cause significant damage to crops, vegetables and ornamental plants. Much of the damage caused by whiteflies is due to the way they feed. These insects drill into plants to suck up nutrients. Causes leaf yellowing, speckling, wilting, stunting, and premature leaf drop.

Whiteflies can transmit many diseases to vegetables and ornamental plants. Many of these, such as tomato yellow leaf curl virus, can wreak havoc on crops.

Ta honey, a sticky substance they secrete when they eat. This falling into the canopy encourages mold growth. Not only does it make the plant less attractive, it also prevents sunlight from reaching the leaves.

Sugar residues are a valuable food source for ants. These insects often live next to white butterflies. Large quantities can cause stunted growth, reduced fruit yield and plant death.

Whiteflies cause a lot of damage to plants, so they must be treated as soon as possible
Whiteflies cause a lot of damage to plants, so they must be treated as soon as possible

White butterfly life cycle

Whiteflies can produce up to 300 eggs at a time located on the undersides of leaves. After 4-12 days, the eggs are small, white, oval in shape. They circle around the underside of the leaf until they find a place to feed. The goddesses lost the ability to walk and would stay in the same place. Looks like small, flat insects with no legs or antennae.

The goddesses gradually get larger as they progress through the four instar stages. Eventually, they emerge as winged, moth-like adults. The entire whitefly life cycle takes 14-60 days, depending on the temperature. Under ideal conditions (about 80 F), they will reach adulthood in about 3 weeks.

Methods to get rid of whiteflies

Using the manual method: You need to observe and regularly check your garden. Hunt for caterpillar eggs and caterpillars and get rid of them as soon as you spot them.

Use a mulch for your garden: yours with a mesh with lots of holes will still provide air flow and sunlight while isolating the worms.

Intercropping herbs to repel butterflies: For example, plants: mint, lavender, wormwood, sage… These plants will keep caterpillars and other pests away.

Intercropping herbs to repel butterflies
Intercropping herbs to repel butterflies

Crop rotation: To keep butterflies and pests hard to return. Do not plant a plant for 5 years in a row as this will invite moths and caterpillars to come and thrive.

Kill the caterpillars and pupae by hand or with a white moth insecticide before they harm the plant.

Protect natural enemies to kill white caterpillars such as spiders and white cocoon bees.

Use Pheromone traps to attract the attention of green worms to enter and destroy.

Above is some information about whiteflies and how to get rid of whiteflies. Hope the above article will help you guys in taking care of plants. Thank you for your interest in our articles.

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