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How to incubate food for high-yield fat worms

How to incubate food for worms
How to incubate food for worms

How to incubate food for worms is the solution for those who are not successful in raising earthworms. With extremely good benefits and easy farming techniques, many people choose to raise earthworms but do not know how to take care of earthworms in the long run. Therefore, learn how to incubate food for worms to increase the productivity of your home worms!

How does composting for vermicompost require a food source?

Worm’s favorite foods are organic waste and manure including: Rotten fruit, inedible; leaves, stems, bark; tea bagasse, bagasse, coconut fiber, coffee grounds; rice husk egg shell, shrimp shell; straw;…

Table of common types of organic waste
How to compost food for earthworms with organic waste

For eggshells, you should crush them, and fruit residues should be excluded from salted ones. In particular, cOnly with cooking oil, fat is absolutely not allowed The remaining household and agricultural wastes can be used to make food for worms.

Some families can choose to buy ready-to-eat food from the market. However, for the implementation of the most appropriate composting method for worms, it is still advisable to use fresh manure, especially cow manure (or manure of some herbivores) mixed with organic waste. is to produce the best product while protecting the environment.

The process of making an effective way to incubate food for earthworms

Place to incubate food for worms

How to incubate food for worms
Worm farming place – a place to incubate food for worms

The place to incubate the food for the earthworms is also where they live. Depending on the number of worms you raise, there is the amount of food that needs to be incubated and the size of the corresponding chamber. Make sure that the place to incubate the food is open, clean and glimmering with light (worms do not like light, just for the growth process, so just a little is enough).

See more details at: Instructions on how to make vermicompost – how to make a worm farm.

How to incubate food for worms

How to incubate food for worms
Use fresh manure for composting

Pour the prepared fresh manure into the storage chamber. Then add water to the level of the stool. People who use the method of incubating food for earthworms should pay attention to stirring and grinding to make a paste.

Should add EM probiotics or probiotics to accelerate the decomposition of feces and help earthworms absorb food better. Note: EM content should be used from 2.5-3 liters/ton to ensure results. These types of preparations will help shorten the decomposition time of feces, deodorize and treat pathogens to produce the best possible product.

With this way of incubating food for worms, you should pay attention every 6-8 hours to check and possibly re-mix the manure once.

How to incubate food for worms
Food helps worms to get good fat

From half a week to a week, it is possible to take out some food for the worms to eat gradually and eat regularly until the worms grow. Worms will eat food in only about 2 days, so remember to add food when needed.

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