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How to grow straw mushrooms outdoors to achieve super profit?

straw mushrooms
Growing straw mushrooms is quite profitable

Growing straw mushrooms outdoorsi has been and is becoming popular, because the economic value that this model brings is really beyond imagination. With the selling price of about 60,000 to 90,000 VND/kg, sometimes up to 120,000 VND/kg, many people have chosen to develop a model of growing straw mushrooms to increase their monthly income. So, is it difficult to grow straw mushrooms? And what techniques need to be grasped to grow outdoor straw mushrooms? Let’s find out in today’s post.

straw mushrooms
Mushrooms, nutritious food that everyone loves

Technical requirements to grasp

The compatible temperature for growing mushrooms outdoors is from 30 to 32 .oC.

The moisture content of raw materials from 70 to 75% is suitable.

The relative humidity of the air is about 80%.

The required Ph level 7 and ensure ventilation.

The light factor has an effect on the color of mushrooms. Depending on the light of the growing place, the mushroom color is dark and light.

The right time to plant straw mushrooms outdoors

When planting straw mushrooms outdoors, people note that the mushroom has a very short growth cycle, from planting to harvesting in only 12 to 14 days.

straw mushrooms
The right time to plant mushrooms

Mushroom growth stages:

  1. The first 7 to 8 days of mycelium formation.
  2. Formation of the mushroom fruit or ovoid stage.
  3. Adult stage, spore development.

The most favorable time to plant straw mushrooms in the North is from April 15 to October 15. However, according to experts, the best mushroom cultivation is from June to September. As for the southern provinces, it is a good thing that mushrooms can be grown all year round due to the mild climate all year round. Not as cold as the North.

Techniques for growing straw mushrooms outdoors

To effectively apply the technique of growing straw mushrooms outdoors, people need to follow these basic steps:

Material handling

People use clean water to moisten dry straw, then process lime water at the rate of 1 ton of raw materials, 20 to 30 kg of slaked lime is needed.

Pour the decanted lime water into the straw soaking tank for 15 to 30 minutes, then take out the straw to compost.

Prepare a clean water tank and then soak dry straw, then pick it up ashore to compost piles, every 20 to 30cm layer of straw watered with a layer of lime water.

Spread the straw in a clean yard and yard, spray with water until the straw absorbs enough water, become dark brown, use boiling water to water the last turn and compost. Straw, after being treated with lime water, will have a light, fragrant color with a slight lime smell.


straw mushrooms
The technique of composting a pile of straw mushrooms

After moistening the straw and treating it as above, people drain the water and incubate the pile for 3 to 4 days, then turn the first time, continue to incubate for 2 to 3 days, then turn and close the tissue.

When incubating the pile, people need to make the bottom shelf 20 to 30cm from the ground, then put the ingredients on top, in the middle of the pile, leave 1 to 2 piles to create air holes.

On the first day, it is necessary to compact the straw, the next times do not need to compress. When the island sees that the straw is soft, yellow-brown in color, fragrant, with many white molds, which is good.

If the straw is hard, it is necessary to extend the incubation time and turn it one more time.

If you see wet material (flowing into drops), you need to spread it out after incubation, or transplant.

As for dry materials, it is necessary to add more water to the compost pile, making sure that the straw when turning is slightly dripping (squeeze the straw with water flowing into many drops).

In conditions of too hot, too cold or strong wind, people need to wrap plastic bags or pineapple bags around the compost pile. If it rains heavily, but the straw is being composted outdoors, it needs to be covered. When stirring, pay attention to stir the ingredients from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

Tissue closure and inoculation

Step 1: Use a trapezoidal wooden mold with a flat inner surface. The aspect ratio is as follows:

Length – bottom width: 1.2m – 0.4m

Length – width over 11m – 0.3m

0.4m high with two molded ends

Step 2: Inoculate the seed by spreading a layer of straw into the mold. Next, transplant a layer of border around 4 to 5cm from the mold. Continue to do all 3 layers. The top layer is sprinkled evenly on the surface, covered with a layer of straw 3cm thick on top.

The amount of seed used for one layer of straw is 10 to 12 kg. After each layer of seed is transplanted, remember to press firmly with your hands, especially around the mold, when planting, lift the wooden mold and place it in rows 40 to 45cm apart, tissue 25 to 30cm apart.

On average, one ton of rice straw can be grown around 70 to 80 mushroom tissues. When planting is complete, continue to cover with a layer of plastic on top to keep moisture and the temperature of the mushroom tissue at 38 .oOLD

Note: Pay attention to the hot temperature above 40oC, open the plastic layer to reduce the temperature, still above 30oC is not coated with nylon.

How to care for outdoor straw mushrooms

straw mushrooms
Mushroom care techniques

After transplanting, farmers cover a layer of dry straw on the surface of the mushroom tissue to help avoid rain and sun.

This layer of straw should be good, arranged in a roofing style 5 to 7cm thick, around the outer edge of the planting area also cover a layer of straw.

If it rains continuously, people do not need to water, but if the rain is too heavy, cover it with plastic or change a new layer of straw.

During the growing period of straw mushrooms, when the sun is dry continuously, people need to water regularly so that the mulch is always wet 1 to 2cm, after 3 to 4 days of planting by the mantle, observe that the mushroom tissue is dry, need to remove the mulch and spray. directly on the fungal tissue.

Keep the mushroom tissue temperature in the early days around 38 to 40oC, be sure to check the temperature daily.

At high temperature, the mushroom grows quickly, the tip is slightly pointed, it can be picked, in a day, people can pick it 2 to 3 times.

After harvesting the first phase, about 7 to 8 days, the mushrooms will come out in the second phase, about 3 to 4 days after the end of the growing season.

The technique of growing mushrooms outdoors is not difficult, but people must always pay attention and adjust the appropriate temperature to help mushrooms grow quickly and easily harvest. Happy successful people!

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