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How to grow sprouts without soil at home effectively

Techniques for growing sprouts without soil
Techniques for growing sprouts without soil

Sprouts are considered a nutritious food that contains a lot of essential vitamins for the human body such as vitamins B, C, E, … and a number of other essential amino acids and fiber with high content.

Prepare materials to grow sprouts without soil

sprouts don't need soil
Materials for growing sprouts without soil

Tool: You can take advantage of the tools available in the family such as pots, racks, baskets, plastic trays, plastic pots, jars, crockery, etc.

Seeds: Soak with a ratio of 3 cold and 2 boil, remove the flat, deep, rotten seeds to avoid these seeds not growing, not germinating or dying midway. For the seeds of vegetables, red radishes, beans must soak the seeds for 5-6 hours, water spinach from 10-12 hours.

Sow seeds in baskets, trays, racks… with an area of ​​about 15-20 cm in diameter, you can spread about 150g of seeds to sow.

How to grow sprouts without soil

How to grow sprouts at home without soil as instructed can also be called a form hydroponic vegetable growing at home.

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Prepare the seeds

sprouts don't need soil
Materials for growing sprouts without soil

When preparing seeds for growing sprouts without soil, it should be noted that any type of seed can be grown with this method. Absolutely do not buy common sprout seeds or unknown origin because these seeds often contain preservatives, making it difficult for plants to grow or causing food poisoning.

Seed treatment

Soak seeds in the traditional way, mix 2 boiling + 3 cold water (temperature from 50 – 540C), soak the seeds for 15 – 30 minutes, remove flat seeds, deep seeds, and rotten seeds. Beans, mustard seeds, soaking time is about 6-7 hours, for water spinach seeds, soak 12 hours.

Water treatment for sprouts without soil

To grow sprouts without soil, first of all, you need to treat the water well. If necessary, you can use lime scale = 2/1,000 and re-treat it with alum afterwards.

Or you can treat with clear lime water (2-3%): Use 200-300g of lime or 400-500g of new lime dissolved in 10 liters of clean water. Allow to settle for 15-20 minutes and then filter 6-7 liters of clear lime water. With this way of growing sprouts without soil, you can rest assured that the source of vegetables will be really clean, free of bacteria from the water.

Use a piece of alum about half a knuckle (about 1g): dissolve alum in a bucket of water, then pour the ladle of just dissolved alum into a bucket of water about 20-25 liters and stir well. 30 minutes after the sediment has settled to the bottom, decant clear water.

Soak sprout seeds without soil

Soak the sprouts
Soak the sprouts

Soak the seeds in water in the ratio of 2 boiling and 3 cold. But there is no need to soak for some seeds that do not need to be soaked, you can sow them directly.

If it feels warm to the touch, it’s fine. Then we will remove the flat, small, deep seeds, these seeds will not germinate or if they do sprout, they will not grow quickly or in the middle, they will die.

After the soaking process is complete, wash the seeds with water. Depending on the type of seed, large or small, the soaking time varies. With red seeds or white radish seeds, you soak for 5-6 hours. About the seeds of morning glory, let us soak for 10-12 hours.

Sowing sprouts without soil

When you see the seeds sprout roots, spread the seeds evenly into the selected tool with a dense density, 2 seeds overlap. After that, you will water to cover the surface of the seed, continue to soak for about 15 minutes and quickly pour the water out.

The last step, you just need to close the lid and water about 3-4 times a day. The darker the place, the better the sprouts will be. The temperature between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius is the most suitable temperature for seeds to germinate.


If it is a sprout grown from beans of all kinds, after about 3 days, you can harvest it. If it is water spinach, you need to wait for 5-6 days.

Harvesting sprouts
Harvest sprouts without soil

Note: How to grow sprouts does not need clean soil, little care, easy to harvest. Because water does not contain nutrients, the yield is not as high as growing on coco mulch. You can add a nutrient solution to the water, but you need to be careful. And should change clean water daily to avoid dirty water, damaging the roots.

Note about tools, always close the lid, the darker the vegetable, the higher the yield, remember that it is dark for the first 3 days of sowing, then bring it to light, not directly on the plant. The suitable temperature for germination is between 25-30 degrees. In addition, the way to grow sprouts without soil is very easy to get maggots if you do not cover the vegetables and do not drain the water, the vegetable roots will be soft, maggots will arise, very foul, the vegetables will not grow much or even die.

With this way of growing sprouts without soil, the yield of sprouts without soil is higher and much more convenient for households because they can take advantage of many tools from household appliances. At the same time, this method will help increase efficiency and increase the yield of our soilless sprouts. Happy successful people!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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