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How to grow melons so that the fruit is sweet?

Planting cantaloupe
Planting cantaloupe

Melon It is a very popular fruit in the summer because of its sweet and cool taste. Not only attracting many people by the taste, cantaloupe also contains many essential nutrients for humans such as provitamin A (β-carotene), vitamin C and vitamin E.

So, how to grow melons? Let’s find out in today’s post of agrisearch.net!

Planting melons
Nutritious and delicious cantaloupe

The right time to plant melons

Planting melons
Planting cantaloupe in February to September

Choosing the time to plant cantaloupe, you just need to know a little about the characteristics of the cantaloupe plant. This is a plant adapted to the warm, dry climate of February to September every year. Planting cantaloupe in cold, overcast weather is a mistake because the plant will grow slowly, be susceptible to pests and diseases, and achieve low yields.

Soils for growing cantaloupe need loose, well-drained soil, so grow melons on light soil, sandy soil, alluvial soil, in which rice husk is the most suitable soil.

Onlyomg seeds for growing cantaloupe

People pay attention to choose good seeds and depending on the region to choose the right one.

F1 seed is the standard seed with high germination potential. Domestic and unbranded seeds have poor germination and resistance, especially affecting fruit yield.

Nurturing seedlings to grow melons

Step 1: Soak seeds before sowing (no need to soak F1 seeds but sow directly)

Step 2: Soak the seeds with warm water in the ratio of 2 boiling: 3 cold for 4 to 6 hours, then use a cloth with good moisture retention to incubate the seeds. Observe that the seeds begin to crack, then proceed to the nursery.

Planting melons
Cultivation of cantaloupe plants to plant

Step 3: Cover with a thin layer of soil, keep in a shady place and water to keep the seeds moist. The recommended seed nursery soil is vermicompost (30%) to provide enough nutrients for healthy seedlings.

Step 4: After 2 days of incubation, the plants sprouted slowly, at this time, just water enough for the plants to grow. After about 8-10 days, the plant begins to grow 2 leaves.

Prepare growing media

The most suitable medium to help melon plants grow well is rice husk ash, coir and vermicompost.

Step 1: Mix the media in the following proportions:

60 to 65% coir

5 to 10% of rice husk ash

And 30% vermicompost

Step 2: After mixing the components of the substrate, cover with a film. Remember to water 1 week before planting.

Step 3: Wash coconut fiber before planting.

Sowing seedlings to grow melons

When the plant develops from 2 to 3 true leaves, we plant it in the prepared soil according to the instructions of the above sections. Choose a styrofoam box or bucket with a depth and width because of the large net.

Dig a deep hole, then use your hand to gently lift the baby melon plant, cut the nylon bag, then put the gourd in the pre-punched hole, cover the potted plant in the ground, and solidify the root. Note to keep the plant moist in the beginning.

The most suitable time to plant melons is in the cool afternoon when the sun has turned off.

Caring for melon plants

The soil needs to be loose and watered regularly. Apply more NPK fertilizer to help the plant to flower and bear fruit easily. People can choose organic fertilizers such as vermicompost or rotting manure, etc. to add nutrients to the tree and increase the natural sweetness of the fruit. Using organic fertilizers is the most optimal because the cantaloupe melons at this time will ensure the safest for health.

Depending on the stage of the cantaloupe plant to fertilize the plant:

In the first stage, cantaloupe plants have a lot of nitrogen fertilizer, the fruiting stage needs to be fertilized with phosphorus and the period about to harvest, pay attention to potassium fertilizer.

Since the tree has 5 to 6 true leaves, it is necessary to prune all the odd branches and take care to keep the odd branches after the tree has grown to the 8th leaf.

After flowering, we need to pollinate within 3 to 5 days for the highest quality. If the number of flowers is small, it can be pollinated by hand, and if there are too many, it should be pollinated by bees.

When the tree has given 22 to 25 leaves, you cut off the tops so that the tree can concentrate nutrients on growing fruit.

Planting melons
Pollination in melon flowers

When the plant starts to produce 5 to 6 true leaves, proceed to make a trellis for melons (can be staked or lightly tied with nylon rope).
When the fruit is grown, pay attention to the hanging of the fruit, do not let the heavy fruit break the body.

In the period from the day the fruit begins to swell to the day of ripeness, about 1 month, it is necessary to apply NPK fertilizer weekly to help the fruit develop well. In addition, it is necessary to add potassium and nitrogen weekly until 15 days before harvest.

With the above standard steps, have you figured out how to grow a cantaloupe tree? We hope, you will succeed in creating a luxuriant melon garden, bringing quality 10 points for your family.

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