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How to grow lilies from bulbs – the uniqueness is very familiar

How to grow lilies from bulbs
How to grow lilies from bulbs

How to grow lilies from bulbs actually existed a long time ago but not everyone knows, many people think that this is a new and unique farming technique. Try to see how difficult it is to grow lilies from bulbs?

The process of choosing the right seed lily bulbs to grow lilies from bulbs

Peach lily bulbs to make seeds and bring back to nurse plants

Usually lily bulbs will appear more in the high mountains around the middle of winter. At this time, the lily has gradually withered and you need to dig up the tuber right away to keep it in time.

Tubers after digging should be stored in a cool, ventilated place. Avoid leaving the tubers in the sun to cause them to wither. After about 24 to 48 hours, then proceed to separate the mother tuber and the baby tuber to practice how to grow lilies from bulbs.

However, for the bulbs that are dug when the lily has not completely wilted, it is recommended to store the plants in the same way as the tubers, after about 2 to 3 days to proceed to get the tubers to facilitate the process. growing lilies from bulbs for higher efficiency, more nutrients in tubers.

How to choose bulbs?

lily bulbs
lily bulbs

The size of the lily bulb will correspond to the development of the flower later. A mother tuber will usually include a number of baby bulbs and a few small bulbs. The tubers are large in size, from 4-5cm, so the quantity is small. Small bulbs will usually be small in size, from 1-3cm, so the number of bulbs is large.

People will often use bulbs to grow lilies for only one crop, shortening the production time. As for small bulbs, it will usually take more time, twice as long as young bulbs and take about 2 crops to flower. Therefore, depending on your own time and preferences, how you can choose which tubers are suitable for your production calculations.

When choosing will choose clean bulbs, no pests and diseases. Then soak the flower bulbs you have chosen in 40% forocmalin (can be purchased at the store or garden store) for about half an hour and then dried.

The process of choosing soil to grow lilies from bulbs

How to grow lilies from bulbs will give high efficiency if you know how to choose the right soil. To do that, you should choose high, open land, near water sources. Because, although lily is a moisture-loving species, any plant cannot fall into a state of waterlogging and root rot, therefore, watering lilies is indispensable when growing lilies from the ground up. tubers but also can not plant them in low places, easy to flood, damage both flowers and bulbs.

The soil for growing lilies from bulbs must be nutritious, porous and free from pests and diseases. Depending on the number of bulbs and you will divide the beds, and the size of the soil so that it is reasonable.

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The process of growing lilies from bulbs

In order for the method of growing lilies from bulbs to not fail, you must ensure that the seed is good, the soil is good and the planting process is followed correctly.

If growing on a balcony or small garden, when planting, each tuber must be nursed 1 hand apart, ie about 12-15cm in width and length.

Planting lilies in beds
Planting lilies in beds

If planted in beds, each bed should make an additional 5-6 rows depending on the number of bulbs you nurse and each row will correspond to a depth of 5 to 7 cm. After the incision is complete, you water the soil first, then you start to plant the tubers in the already cut rows and then backfill with soil. The distance between plants is equivalent to planting in a small garden.

The care process after implementing how to grow lilies from bulbs

How to grow lilies from bulbs
How to grow lilies from bulbs will give high efficiency if you know how to care

When the tubers begin to germinate and the plants are grown, every fortnight will add urea nitrogen at the rate of 37kg/hectare. It is best to dilute the fertilizer with water and irrigate to increase the effectiveness of both nutrients and moisture for plants.

When the plants are about to have buds, apply DAP at a dose of 75kg/hectare and add 22.5kg/hectare KH2PO4 to stimulate tubers to grow faster.

The lily sprouts from the tuber
The lily sprouts from the tuber

When the buds appeared clearly, every week spray 30kg/hectare K2SO4 0.2% to stimulate flowering. If watering instead of spraying, increase the concentration of K2SO4 to 0.3% to ensure the efficiency of the process of growing lilies from bulbs.

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