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How to grow bougainvillea with branches that people love

How to grow bougainvillea with branches
How to grow bougainvillea with branches

How to grow bougainvillea with branches loved by many flower lovers. In the middle of the busy streets, often the houses with bougainvillea trees look extremely elegant and elegant. Many houses create confetti archways, many houses for confetti climbing walls.

However, not everyone knows how to grow bougainvillea with branches. Growing this way is fast, low risk, and easy, so if you know it, you are extremely passionate about planting.

Time to make how to grow bougainvillea with branches

How to grow bougainvillea with branches
Plant paper flowers with branches

The bougainvillea is extremely fond of cool weather, especially when the weather is clear, the clouds are clear, and the air is a bit chilly. Perhaps that’s why the most suitable time to apply the method of planting bougainvillea with branches is in the early autumn or early spring of the new year.

Often, many people will prefer to plant in the fall so that when Tet comes, flowers bloom in a corner of the house. However, some experience says that if you plant in early spring, when applying bougainvillea with branches, roots will be faster and young shoots will also thrive.

Soil to make bougainvillea with branches

Depending on where you plant bougainvillea, there will be different requirements for planting and care. You can plant it in the fence, in the corner of the house or in a pot, depending on your preference. However, no matter where you plant it, the way to grow bougainvillea with branches always requires the soil to ensure the necessary nutrients and porosity, not too wet for the tree to grow well.

The soil to make bougainvillea with branches must be clean land carefully mixed to grow vegetables. It is best to mix fertile soil with sandy soil in a ratio of 3:1. Then bring the mixed soil, add lime or dry it in the sun to kill all bacteria and pathogens in the soil.

After bringing in the clean soil, you mix it with prices can and manure in a ratio of 4:1, in which the ratio of substrate and manure is the same. Prepare a bed about 2 inches thick to make bougainvillea with branches.

Choose branches to make bougainvillea with branches

How to grow bougainvillea with branches
Paper flower cuttings

In order to grow bougainvillea with cuttings effectively, the cuttings must choose a terry branch that is 1-2 years old. Because branches like these will be nutritious, healthy and at the same time when cuttings will be easy to root, easy to germinate and develop well.

On the contrary, if you choose old branches, the tree will quickly become weak, not have enough nutrients to feed the seedlings, and it will be difficult to develop.

After selecting the cuttings, they should be cut into segments about 1 inch long and always make sure that each cut has 2 or more eyes.

The process of growing bougainvillea with branches

Cut the branches before doing how to grow bougainvillea with branches

The selected branches are taken to be beveled at the base and cut flat at the top. Cut quickly and decisively. Cutting tools must be sterilized before use. Do not allow cuts to be crushed or scratched.

After cutting, add lime to the cut at the top of the root to kill pathogens and avoid bacterial infections. The top of the top is covered with a plastic bag to prevent the branches from being drained.

How to cut branches into the ground

How to grow bougainvillea with branches
How to cut bougainvillea

When cutting, you stab the branch straight into the prepared ground, about 1 inch deep and slightly inclined (specifically, at a 15° incline). The distance between the branches when planted is 20cm ie the height of the branches is proportional to the distance between the branches when planted by planting bougainvillea with branches.

If you make bougainvillea with branches in a pot, you should plug it in the middle of the pot and then do it the same way as in normal soil!

How to care for plants after cuttings

Compact the soil around the cuttings. Water the soil around the corner. Note that the soil at the base of the tree must be higher than the surrounding soil to avoid water stagnation at the corner of the bougainvillea, adversely affecting the roots.

The mulch or mulch to cover the sun and rain for the bougainvillea so that the tree has enough conditions to grow and ensure the coolness of the tree.

Water the plant continuously for about 2-3 day After cutting and seeing that the branch has sprouted, remove the canopy to help the tree enjoy and absorb light to grow.

Above is the entire article that tells you how to grow bougainvillea with branches. See more: Techniques for growing paper flowers for beautiful flowers all year round

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