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How To Grow A Will Is Simple Anyone Can Do

Yi Di is an herb that is commonly used in Oriental medicine. You can also grow a few plants yourself in your garden to use in case of need. If you are really interested how to plant intentions and care techniques, do not rush to ignore the following article of AgriSearch.net!

Biological characteristics of the willow tree

The willow tree can live all year round, when it grows it can grow up to about 2m tall. The stem is characteristically smooth, and hairless but has longitudinal markings on the stem. Leaves are large, up to about 3cm wide, but very long up to 40cm and have large veins. You can imagine its leaves like milkweed plants often grown for grass to feed cows. Flowers are unisexual, usually growing in the interstitium of the leaves. The fruit is covered with the sheath of the leaves.
The willow tree, if grown and developed in favorable conditions, can be about 2m tall
The willow tree, if grown and developed in favorable conditions, can be about 2m tall

How to plant a willow tree

  1. How to grow

– Planting time in March-April.

– Propagation by seeds: choose sturdy, disease-free seeds. Strain the seeds by soaking them in water, those that sink and are white are good seeds. Then soak the seeds in warm water of 35-400C for 3-4 hours and then take them out to drain.

– Make the bed 10-15cm high. Dig holes in rows, spaced 15-17cm apart. Each row is spaced 40-45cm apart. Fertilize the hole.

– Sow seeds into the hole at the rate of 1-2 seeds/hole (1 pole sowing 1kg of seeds).

The most suitable time to plant sycamore is in March - April of the solar calendar
The most suitable time to plant sycamore is in March – April of the solar calendar
  1. Take care

– When the tree is 2-3 leaves high, then stir and fertilize to grow the tree.

– When the plant flowers, the plant must be shaken so that the male and female flowers can pollinate each other.

– Need to pay attention to care and prevent pests for plants.

  1. Harvesting and preliminary processing techniques

Harvest in early winter when the plants wilt and the fruit turns light brown.

– Cut the cotton to dry, get the seeds. When using, peel off the shell, get the filling. Use live or gold star.

Uses of the willow tree

Because it has the characteristics of containing many starches and substances, pritid, the wall is used as a medicine to treat many diseases such as dysentery, very diuretic, cure tendon contractions, treat rheumatism for a long time. You only need to use the drug about 30g to be decocted to combine with other herbs.

The willow tree has many great health benefits
The willow tree has many great health benefits

– Besides, the doctor has sweet characteristics, slightly cold taste, so this herb is often used to treat waste, cure heat, ….

– Besides, this plant is also used to treat diseases such as treating gallstones, treating tuberculosis or vomiting blood, treating rheumatism, etc.

Above is the information that we want to share with you about how to plant willow. If you want to learn more information related to agriculture, don’t forget to follow AgriSearch.net more often! Thank you for your interest in following the article.

Emilia Chaney
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