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How to fertilize dwarf sunflowers with beautiful, long-lasting flowers

In recent years, people in some places have strongly converted their agricultural land for growing vegetables to sunflowers and have gained high economic efficiency. With their brilliant, attractive beauty and the meaning of prosperity and auspiciousness, sunflowers or small potted sunflowers are loved by many people to decorate their homes every New Year to spring. Therefore, the sunflower market is very potential. Growing dwarf sunflowers for business, in order for the plants to produce flowers, bloom beautifully, and last long, people need to pay attention to their nutritional needs and properly fertilize the plants.

1. Nutritional requirements of dwarf sunflower plants

All flowering plants need adequate nutrition during growth, development, and flowering. The amount of nutrients absorbed in each period, each growth stage of each plant is different. Therefore, flower growers base on that to fertilize or not to fertilize plants.

Dwarf sunflowers too, in order to plant beautiful flowers, wrong flowers, growers fertilize the plants with the right dose at the right time. Proper fertilization will help promote the optimal effectiveness of fertilizer for best plant growth. In order to fertilize properly and at the right time for dwarf sunflower plants, people base on the plant’s nutritional needs.

Dwarf sunflowers need to be supplemented with the following substances during growth:


Role in the growth of dwarf sunflowers

Nitrogen (Protein)

Stimulates the growth of leaves and branches

Phosphorus (Prussian)

Stimulates new roots to help plants grow stably


Stimulates buds and flowers to develop, helps leaves grow healthy, increases resistance to plant pests and diseases


Plays a role in activating enzymes, components of cell membranes, cell walls


Enzyme active ingredients, components of chlorophyll


Composition of proteins


Enhance plant growth


It is an important component of cytochrome, contributing to chlorophyll synthesis and enzyme activation.

Manganese, copper

Activate many enzymes.


Relating to the activities of the meristem


Involved in enzyme activation, photolysis of water


Needed for nitrogen exchange

2. Fertilizers for dwarf sunflower plants

Currently, on the market there are countless types of fertilizers for flowering plants. Each type of fertilizer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the nutritional needs of dwarf sunflowers, people choose the following fertilizers for plants:

Organic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer with many advantages, which is recommended for flowers. This type of fertilizer plays an important role in improving the soil, creating a favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms in the soil to develop, thereby helping the soil and growing medium to be porous and well drained. for healthy root growth. Organic fertilizers are mainly used to fertilize dwarf sunflowers.

Inorganic fertilizers provide nutrients to sunflower plants in the form of dissolved minerals. Respond quickly and immediately to the nutritional needs of plants, providing quick results. Inorganic fertilizers are mainly used to fertilize plants in the growth, development, and flowering stages. For this type of fertilizer, people only fertilize with a sufficient amount, should not be abused, it will adversely affect the growing medium and soil.

Not adding nutrients directly to the plant like other fertilizers, microbial fertilizers play the role of adding beneficial microorganisms to the soil. Through the activity of beneficial microorganisms, make the soil rich in nutrients to provide plants. At the same time, creating a strong natural “defense” system for the tree, helping the tree to resist many harmful fungi and pests.


Dwarf sunflower plants need to be fully supplemented with nutrients to grow well and give beautiful flowers (Source: Internet)

3. How to fertilize dwarf sunflowers

Based on the nutritional needs and necessary fertilizers for dwarf sunflowers, farmers provide fertilizer for 1,000m2 sunflower garden, including:

Type of manure

Rotten organic manure

Urea fertilizer

Phosphate fertilizer


1-2 tons


20 – 30kg







First time fertilizing (trees 15-20cm tall)



2nd time fertilizing (plant begins to bud)



* Note when fertilizing plants:

  • The first and second top fertilization combined with weeding, rooting, fertilizer filling and watering.

  • Dwarf sunflower is a plant with soft stems, heavy leaves, so it is easy to fall, people need to support the tree.

  • Do not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer to make the plant weak.

  • Depending on the condition of the soil, farmers can add micro-fertilizers to the soil.

  • In the case of fertilizing potted plants, people divide the amount of fertilizer into about 5-10 grams per pot/time.

Like other flowering plants, dwarf sunflowers need to be supplemented with adequate nutrition, in the right way, at the right time to help plants grow healthy and produce beautiful flowers. In order to have a reasonable method of fertilizing plants, people base on the nutritional needs and development situation of each tree and flower pot.

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