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How to fertilize different crops you should know

Ways to fertilize plants
How to fertilize different plants

Different crops will need to be done ways to fertilize plants difference. Depending on the size, nature, growth rate as well as the period of each tree, there is a way to fertilize accordingly. The wrong application of fertilizer will lead to many unfortunate consequences, even crop failure, damage to the land, etc. Therefore, pocket your pocket. ways to fertilize plants down here.

Ways to fertilize vegetables

Ways to fertilize plants
Ways to fertilize vegetables

Most of the vegetables commonly grown in the home garden are short-term plants, so the process of fertilizing is also easier and simpler. The nutrient content does not need much, but the amount should be large, depending on the number of vegetables in your garden.

The most effective way to fertilize vegetables is to divide them into 3 batches to fertilize.

The first time to fertilize is after planting for more than a week, when the plants have grown about 2 to 3 pairs. At this time, plants need nutrients to grow. Fertilizing at this stage will stimulate plant growth, rapid growth, and health. At the same time, it helps the plant to increase its resistance to pests and diseases as well as environmental agents.

The second time of fertilizing is about 3 weeks, when the plants start to flower. Plants such as tomatoes, melons need the most fertilizer at this stage to flower more, evenly and increase the ability to set fruit.

After the tree has fruited, you fertilize one more time to provide nutrients for the tree to have enough nutrients to grow the fruit.

Ways to fertilize fruit trees

Ways to fertilize plants
Ways to fertilize fruit trees

Fruit trees will be more difficult to grow and care for than vegetable plants. At the same time, the plant will grow slower but the harvest period will be longer. For these plants, the most common methods of fertilizing the plants are to divide them into 4 rounds of fertilizing within 1 year.

The first application will be similar to vegetable crops, applied during the growth period of the plant.

Next, when the plants are in the flowering period, they should pay attention to fertilizing more nutrients to ensure the quality and quantity of flowers. If the fruit tree wants to have delicious, sweet and quality fruit, this is an extremely important stage. If the plant does not flower, it is difficult to flower or flower but is sparse and uneven, the tree will not have the ability to set fruit or the ability to set fruit will be low and low.

After the tree has set fruit, you should pay attention to fertilizing more essential nutrients for the tree to grow fruit. During this period, in addition to fertilizing, you should also prune excess branches and leaves to focus on nutrition, otherwise it will cause a situation that no matter how much you apply, it will not be enough to feed the tree, weak and perishable fruit.

Often after harvesting, many people will no longer apply fertilizer, but will instead wait for the plant to sprout new shoots and then apply the same fertilizer again. This is the big hole in the fruit tree care process. One of the most effective and long-lasting ways to fertilize plants is to apply fertilizer at the post-harvest period.

At this stage, the tree becomes weak, most of the nutrition is in the fruit. Therefore, in order for the tree to grow green again, it is advisable to quickly fertilize, stimulate the tree to produce new branches and increase the firmness and depth of the roots. In addition, the application of fertilizers to plants at this stage is also a very useful way to improve the soil!

Ways to fertilize perennial industrial plants

Ways to fertilize plants
Ways to fertilize perennial industrial plants

In some highland areas, households and the state often tend to grow perennial cash crops, firstly because of economic benefits and secondly because of the greening of the country’s bare hills.

However, because it is labeled as a perennial plant, many people are subjective and do not focus on fertilizing the tree, causing the tree to lack nutrients and difficult to grow.

Therefore, for this plant, you should apply the methods of fertilizing the tree at the beginning and the end of the rainy season. Or if your plants are large, need more nutrients, apply 3 times at the beginning, middle and end of the rainy season. The time to fertilize is a sufficient distance apart, so it is not recommended to fertilize continuously, causing the plant to be “overeating”.

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Emilia Chaney
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