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How to compost goat manure in just 4 steps is as easy as eating candy

Instructions on how to compost goat manure
Instructions on how to compost goat manure

How to compost goat manure This is something that many people find very difficult because it is very strange to hear. Because, goats are often raised for milk and meat, but few people expect that goat manure is also a kind of panacea for their plants.

So, how easy is goat manure composting and how to compost it for high efficiency?

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Is it difficult to compost goat manure?

How to compost goat manure
Goat dung

Composting goat manure is not as difficult as many people think. It is not too academic, complicated, difficult, but on the contrary, there are many people who have taken advantage of this source of fertilizer to make their garden greener and more fruitful.

Implement how goat manure can be combined with fungus trichoderma for greater efficiency. However, for some people who do not have the condition, no need for trichoderma can also give good results.

In fact, goat manure is not as popular as cow manure or chicken manure because there are very few households raising goats. Along with that, the frequency of articles about cow manure and chicken manure is also higher than how to compost goat manure, so it creates a feeling that goat manure is difficult to compost. But, it’s really easy, why don’t you give it a try?

How to compost untreated goat manure in 4 easy steps

Take advantage of the fresh goat manure available in your garden.

Goats not only give milk and meat, but their fertilizers are also very effective, although quite smelly. You should cherish the magic potion for that plant, gather them, accumulate a sufficient amount to fertilize the number of plants in your garden. However, only dry, whole goat manure should be taken so that when performing goat manure composting, it will give higher results.

Treat goat manure before composting

Goat manure before use should be mixed with phosphate and lime to treat pathogens and increase the efficiency of the goat manure composting process. However, this amount of phosphate and lime powder should only account for 5-10% of the total volume of the mixture.

Simplify goat composting with a mixture of carbon and nitrogen-rich wastes

Because the manure is easily shaped like big, round marbles, when doing goat manure composting, there will be more difficulties than cow manure composting.

However, nowadays, it is common to mix treated fresh goat manure with some simple substrates such as straw, sawdust, coir… or diluted with goat urine in the ratio 1:1. In the types of media will usually contain a lot of carbon while goat urine has a large amount of nitrogen. Thanks to that, when making goat manure compost will be much easier and also add a large amount of nutrients to goat manure.

Instructions for mixing and composting goat manure

How to compost goat manure
Mix goat manure

Using the finished goat manure mixture after doing step three, mix it well with a rake or a sturdy stick to ensure that the goat manure is evenly mixed with the mixture above.

Spread the mixture to make the brewing method goat dung prepared to go to the ground. You should spread it evenly and let the layer of this mixture be about 10 cm thick. Incubate like this for 6 months. When you see that the goat manure has broken, you dig up the goat manure mixture after doing the goat composting method, mix it with the soil and prepare to plant!

How to compost treated goat manure

Besides those who take advantage of their own goat manure, there are also some people who buy goat manure at plant stores. Usually these types of manure have been cleaned and then packaged for sale. Therefore, when buying, you just need to soak the purchased manure in water.

There are many ways to water. You can also sprinkle it on the ground similar to the use of untreated manure or you can also put it in a pot to water the plants.

When will goat manure be most effective?

how to compost goat manure for plants
Composting goat manure for plants

Usually fall or winter composting will be the best time. Because in such cold weather, the manure has all the necessary conditions to decompose and bring into use for the spring crop. The way to compost goat manure will not give high efficiency if you compost it in a hurry, over the speakers!

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