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How to choose and raise high-yield Dong Tao chickens

Raising chickens with algae
Raising chickens with algae

Dong Tao Chicken Since ancient times, it has always been appreciated for its rarity. Therefore, Dong Tao chicken breed is always bought by many people compared to other breeds despite the high price of this type of chicken. And also more and more people want to raise this chicken breed. The content from our following article will provide you with how to choose and raise this chicken breed to ensure the highest productivity will provide you with experience in raising Dong Tao chickens.

Characteristics of frozen chicken

Dong Tao chickens are big chickens and have a dignified body, red skin, very majestic chicken heads, and very sturdy legs. The legs of Dong Tao chickens are often characterized as rough and but with roosters, the legs are larger, often with skin scales arranged in a row around their feet.

The rest of the skin is rough like the surface of a mulberry fruit with 4 toes spread wide, clearly divided, Dong Tao chicken’s feet are thick, so the step is extremely firm.

Dong Tao Chicken
Dong Tao chicken farming

The rooster has a short red sun color, looks very strong and compact. As for cheek chickens, there will usually be three codes including banana code, code code and ivory code.

Their neck and wing feathers will have a mixture of yellow and milky white feathers, reddish brown with black. Hens also have a crest similar to that of a rooster, but only 1/3 the size of a rooster.

If mature, Dong Tao chickens will weigh from 3 to 6kg and they lay fewer eggs than normal chickens, because of their big feet, hatching eggs is also very clumsy. At 160 days old, hens lay eggs, 10 months old lay 70 eggs with egg weight from 48 to 55g each. This Dong Tao chicken also brings delicious, sweet meat, rolling thigh muscles and not tough, no tendons, so it is very attractive.

Techniques for raising Dong Tao chickens for high productivity

How to choose quality Dong Tao chicken

The selection of breeding chickens is an extremely important step, this is the basis for ensuring good development later. Therefore, you should buy Dong Tao chickens that are healthy, agile, have no signs of deformity, the dragons are smooth and spongy, the skin is ruddy, the navel is dry, the beak is not bent because it will be difficult. for picking up food.

Dong Tao Chicken
Choosing Dong Tao chicken breed

In addition, people should buy breeding chickens at the same place to avoid rampant buying in the market because both can not guarantee good prices and do not guarantee purebred Dong Tao chickens, not fully vaccinated.

In addition, a reputable quality chicken supplier will also offer many attractive incentives if people buy chicken in large quantities.

How to build a barn for Dong Tao chickens

The construction of Dong Tao chicken coop is based on the conditions of each house, based on the number of chickens and needs to be consulted by chicken breeders because they have a lot of experience in raising Dong Tao chickens. . In addition, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Dong Tao Chicken
Dong Tao chicken coop

– People can make chicken coop frames from many different materials.

– It is recommended to use corrugated iron or corrugated iron to make the roof of Dong Tao chicken coop because it can both avoid rain and wind and keep the coop warm.

– The floor of the chicken coop should be made of bamboo and cork and the floor should be about 40 to 50cm apart.

– Cement paved chicken coop will be easy for cleaning and cleaning.

– Scatter rice husks in the chicken coop.

– Choose the direction of the barn to receive the sun, but it should not be too harsh.

– The chicken coop should be kept dry and clean to avoid moisture because it will easily make chickens sick.

– Let’s estimate that every 20 to 30m2 on average, about 50 chickens can be released.

– Cover areas with drafts.

– There is a heating lamp for chickens.

– Disinfect chicken coops regularly to help avoid diseases and reduce productivity.

Dong Tao chicken feed

When chickens are from 1 day old to about 2 months old, people should add more minerals and starch to chickens to develop.

– Should be combined with rice, paddy, corn flakes for chicken to eat.

– From 2 to 6 months old is the period when chickens grow, change feathers, strong bones develop, so supplementing chickens with more fiber and calcium. Please choose the appropriate type of bran and remember to add vegetables to the chicken.

Dong Tao Chicken
Dong Tao chicken feed

– From 6 months old to 10 months old, with chickens raised for meat, people should give chickens a lot of starch with vegetables. As for Dong Tao chickens raised for breeding, please supplement chickens with calcium and sprouts to help chickens develop better in reproductive tract.

When chickens are over 10 months old, they should give chickens common foods such as rice, bran, corn, vegetables and calcium to avoid calcium deficiency chickens will peck each other’s feathers.

With the experience drawn from the above article, I hope you can refer to and successfully implement Dong Tao chicken raising. Happy successful people!.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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