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How to care for orchids to flower darker colors

The same species of wild orchids, but with different care in terms of weather conditions, fertilization, etc., the blooms will have different dark and light colors. Therefore, if you want flowers to be bolder and more eye-catching, you can adjust the care regimen accordingly.

1. Nutrients

First, orchids need to be provided with all the necessary nutrients, especially in the flowering stage to be able to give large and bold flowers. In case nutrients are deficient or not in accordance with the needs, not only will the flowers be small, but the color will also fade and look very less fresh.

In the pre-flowering stage, we need to add fertilizers with high phosphorus and potassium content, both to stimulate the plant to have more roots, to absorb more nutrients to sprout, bloom, and flower. In addition, during this period, iron should also be added to the plant. Once the necessary iron and potassium are provided, the flowers will be darker in color and vice versa, the flowers will look very pale without these substances.

How to care for orchids to flower darker colors

2. Sunshine

Orchid must be hung in a ventilated place, full of sunlight for photosynthesis, synthesis of chlorophyll and nutrients for plant growth, pest control. However, it is necessary to limit exposure to too harsh sunlight in the summer, especially in the peak heat hours, which will make the orchid susceptible to leaf burn, flowering with smaller flowers and less fresh color.

Under the corrugated iron roof or under the shade of dense trees are not suitable places to hang orchids, because if it is too shady and humid, the orchids are susceptible to pests and diseases, and the flower color is pale. Under the corrugated iron roof, the conditions are too hot, which is not good for the growth and development of orchids, and makes the flowers paler because of the heat.

No matter where the orchid is hanging, it is necessary to ensure that the plant receives enough sunlight in the morning from dawn to about 9-10 am, and from 4 pm onwards, the orchid should not be exposed to 100%. sunshine all day.

How to care for orchids to flower darker colors

3. Water

Water is of course an indispensable element for the growth and development of orchids. When provided with a sufficient amount of water, ensuring that the substrate is always sufficiently moist, not only will the orchid grow better, but the cotton will also be larger and darker in color. On the contrary, lack of water will make the orchid stunted, underdeveloped, and once underdeveloped, how can the flowers be large and dark?

However, saying that does not mean that the more watering the orchid the better. The watering and the dose, the number of watering times need to be based on the weather conditions, the actual situation, the characteristics of the medium. Over-watering will make the orchid more susceptible to waterlogging and fungal diseases.

Above are some experiences to help forest orchids bloom darker and more beautiful. For more advice and good orchid seed supply, contact us today.

How to care for orchids to flower darker colors

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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