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How much does a mattress for cats and dogs cost? Refer to the selling price of some types of mattresses for cats and dogs

The dog bed is like a small bed so your pet can rest. Not only helps pets rest, but the mattress also works to keep warm, or cool dogs and cats on harsh weather days. Buying a pet bed, in addition to the purpose of use and material, many people are also interested in the price. How much does a mattress for cats and dogs cost? Choosing the right mattress for your pet is something that many people care about. If you are looking for the price of mattress types, you can refer to the prices of some updated mattresses in the following article.

1. Prices of some common mattresses for cats and dogs


Cushion type


Selling price (USD/piece)


Round cushion

  • Fur lining, fabric edge

  • Round sleeping pad

  • Colorful

  • Wide range of sizes suitable for many different sizes of cats and dogs

5.93 – 8.47 USD


Animal cushions

  • Fur padding, or felt, cotton fabric cover

  • Various shapes (sheep, bear, fish,…)

  • Various sizes

6.35 – 9.32 USD


Round cushion with 2 layers of fur for cats and dogs

  • Material made from soft cotton fabric

  • The round shape of the bearing liner

  • 2-layer construction can be used for both winter and summer

10.17 – 13.55 USD


Transparent gel pad for cats and dogs

  • Pet cooling pad

  • Automatically reduce heat, cool, suitable for summer

  • Waterproof, easy to clean

2.33 – 3.39 USD


Water mattress for cats and dogs

  • The cushion has a water tank, the outside is covered with waterproof fabric

  • The mattress is suitable for summer

2.54 – 7.20 USD


Soft mattress for pets with air-conditioning mat

  • Soft cotton cushion

  • Fur lined inside, cloth covered outside

  • Air conditioning mats

  • The mattress can be used in both winter and summer

  • Rectangular

2.54 – 5.29 USD


Dome mattress for pets

  • Dome-style cushions

  • Cushion made of warm cotton fabric

  • Flexible structures can use roofs or not

  • Suitable for small dogs and cats

10.59 – 31.77 VND


Banana-shaped pet cushion

  • Banana design

  • Soft fabric

  • Various sizes

7.20 – 12.71 USD


Dog paw mattress for pets

  • The cushion is made of cotton, and the surface has a layer of cotton

  • The mattress has a fulcrum, a large size suitable for many types of pets

10.59 – 23.30 USD


Dotted pad for cute cats and dogs

2.54 – 4.24 USD

* Note: The price of the pet bed updated above fluctuates, depending on the manufacturer, the place of sale, and the quality of the product. For products of the same type but with more thickness, using better fabric will cost more.

The price list of mattresses for dogs and cats above is for reference only. The price of the mattress will change depending on the price movements of the market.

2. How to choose to buy a mattress for dogs and cats

When buying a mattress for dogs and cats, in addition to the price of the product, buyers should pay attention to their pet’s preferences and behavior to make the right choice. In addition, you should base on the purpose of use, the time of use is any season of the year to buy a suitable mattress for dogs and cats. Some notes when buying a pet bed:

Choose a mattress for your pet based on its intended use:

When buying a mattress for your dog or cat, you should determine the purpose of buying to use it on what occasion and where to use it. Buy a pet mattress you buy to use for your dog to sleep daily or buy to put in the yard or take it out for a picnic. In case of buying to take away, you need to consider the waterproof factor, easy to roll or fold when carrying away. In addition, you should consider yourself a pet mattress to use in winter or summer. If it’s winter, you should choose a mattress with a warm material. If it’s summer, you should choose a mattress that is capable of air-conditioning, heat dissipation, and cooling.

Find out your pet’s sleep preferences to choose the right mattress

Choosing to buy a pet bed, consider the surface of the mattress hard or soft to choose the right material. Observe if your pet has a habit of sleeping curled up or stretched out to choose the right shape. If your pet has a habit of curling up, choose an oval or round mattress. Pets who have a habit of lying down should choose a rectangular or square mattress.

Mattresses for cats and dogs have different prices (Photo: Collectibles)

Choose a mattress with a replaceable cover:

Pet bedding should choose a type with a cover for convenience in cleaning and washing. Dogs and cats are naughty pets, they often like to run, jump, and destroy things. Therefore, the possibility that they can dirty or tear the mattress cannot be ruled out. Choosing a mattress with a cover makes it easy to replace the old cover without completely replacing the mattress. This saves a lot of money.

Consider the behavior, age, health, and breed of your dog or cat to choose the right mattress

You should take into account each breed’s age, health, and behavior when purchasing a mattress for cats and dogs in order to make the best decision. You shouldn’t pick a mattress with feathers if your dog or cat enjoys chewing because it can encourage them to ingest hair, which could be unhealthy for them and cause intestinal obstruction.

For older pets, who need more bone and joint support, you should choose a soft mattress for dogs and cats with orthopedic capabilities to support their body. For cats and dogs with large body sizes, you should choose a mattress capable of regulating body temperature, and equipped with a cooling unit so that the pet does not get hot and shocked in the summer.

We have just learned about the price information of pet bedding as well as how to choose to buy a mattress for cats and dogs. When choosing to buy a pet bed, in addition to paying attention to how much the mattress for dogs and cats costs, you should pay attention to the material, shape, and size of the product. Hope you soon find a suitable mattress for your pet.

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