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How is biofloc technology applied in shrimp farming?

Recently, the application Biofloc technology for shrimp farming is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. In the following article, we will learn about biofloc technology as well as its application in shrimp farming. Let’s follow along.

What is Biofloc Technology?

Biofloc technology can be understood as a series of nitrification in water without the need to filter or change the water. Basically, Biofloc will concentrate organic matter dispersed in water such as microorganisms, algae, bacteria, …. They are connected by electrostatic attraction and form a yellow-brown porous mass.

Biofloc technology is used quite commonly in shrimp farming
Biofloc technology is used quite commonly in shrimp farming

Simultaneously, Biofloc will perform the assimilation of this organic waste and form the biomass of bacteria. This process happens very quickly which improves the aquatic environment and does not require the help of light or any algae. As a result, Biofloc carries a very high amount of nutrients and serves as food for organisms raised in ponds such as fish and shrimp.

What role does Biofloc technology play in aquaculture?

In aquaculture, Biofloc technology is considered as a leading advanced solution. Based on the ability to self-produce microorganisms, Biofloc brings great benefits to the aquaculture industry such as:

– Create local protein source by converting organic matter in water.

– Keep water quality at a stable level that fish and shrimp can live thanks to waste treatment.

– Create a disease-free living environment for fish and shrimp.

What are the benefits of applying Biofloc technology?

In recent years, biofloc technology has been widely applied to shrimp farming because it can bring a much higher yield than conventional farming. Not only for commercial shrimp farming, but this technology is also applied to super-intensive shrimp farming.

  1. Increase productivity, reduce costs

If applied correctly and experienced, the application of biofloc technology can help the survival rate of shrimp maintain at 97% or more. For super commercial shrimp ponds, thanks to this technology, farmers can save a lot of feed costs and shrimp also grow much better than normal.

Biofloc technology helps to increase shrimp farming productivity
Biofloc technology helps to increase shrimp farming productivity
  1. Create a good seed source

In the field of shrimp seed production, Biofloc technology also brings many significant benefits. Accordingly, applying the Biofloc system when producing broodstock will help create a source of good health as well as less disease infection.

The reason is because the local source of nutrients synthesized by Biofloc is very good in creating gonads as well as in the development of ovaries. In addition, the fact has proven that this source of nutrients also helps the process of nutrient storage of the pancreas and liver to work better. Thanks to that, these nutrients will be quickly transmitted to the ovaries in the form of plasma to help stimulate the process of creating genital tissue and reproduction.

  1. Can be applied to many modelsoh shrimp

Biofloc technology can also be applied in most current shrimp farming models, including shrimp farming in canvas ponds, outdoor shrimp farming, in greenhouses, etc. Even many people build Biofloc systems. in a glass building, not exposed to the sun (Brownwater Biofloc) for shrimp farming.

What should be paid attention to when applying Biofloc technology?

Although bringing many benefits to shrimp farming models, the application of Biofloc technology also needs to be meticulous and careful to avoid unfortunate errors. Accordingly, shrimp farmers should note:

– The fan in the shrimp pond needs to be placed in the right position so that the organic fish can be kept in a suspended state in the water. Thanks to that, Biofloc has the best conditions to create bacterial mass.

– Water for shrimp farming with Biofloc technology needs to be continuously aerated. The reason is that because Biofloc acts as a heterotrophic bacteria that absorb organic matter, it will need a large amount of oxygen to grow.

– Always control the appropriate nitrogen and carbon content in the pond.

– Need to add starch pellets and molasses for shrimp regularly.

– It is best to line shrimp ponds when building a biofloc system to limit water exchange and avoid disease transmission.

– Create the best conditions for shrimp to grow and develop such as the water temperature at 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, the surface level is moderate, the density of shrimp is not too high.

It can be said that Biofloc technology brings a huge step forward for the shrimp farming industry. However, in order to apply this technology, farmers need to pay attention to the issue of funding because the initial investment cost is more than usual. On the contrary, the Biofloc system will bring high productivity and avoid disease risks for shrimp ponds.

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