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Homestead – the ultimate opportunity to get rich crushes the dream of building a Homestay

Homestead - the ultimate opportunity to get rich crushes the dream of building a Homestay

Homestead Libra Valley Dalat

“Homestead” It sounds strange, but if you are a business person, you cannot ignore this model. For many years, the homestay model has stirred up the Vietnamese business market, is a great model of agriculture combined with tourism for farmers. But, for business people, if they only start building their dream of getting rich from homestay without knowing about homestead, it is a disadvantage.

What is Homestead?

Homestead on Da Lat
Farming in Libra Valley

“Homestead” if translated into Vietnamese means “house and garden”. When it comes to the Homestead model, people will understand it roughly as an agricultural model that allows people to live and farm, putting themselves in the life of a true farmer. It’s pretty much a kind of experience.

However, according to the concept in America Homestead is a model of subsistence agriculture supported by the Government. The government will grant land to farmers and their task is to use that land to build houses, pursue a farm model, and develop the community around them.

So, how is Homestead different from homestay?

Difference between Homestead vs Homestay



Homestead is self-sufficient living. The same model of immersing in the lives of farmers, but Homestead allows you to grow crops, raise livestock, live a true farmer’s life, instead of coming and staying in their home just like Homestay.Homestay will allow you to enjoy independent life: self-packing, self-cooking, washing-your-own… That means it’s the same as your daily life, but you will live with many people who may be quite unfamiliar in a tourist destination instead of being Dedicated service, enjoy a life full of modern amenities such as in hotels, resorts, …
Homestead will don’t let you spend any living expenses But on the contrary, you have to do the gardening to help the landlord.Booking a room at a Homestay It’s never been free! It is only convenient that the price of a homestay will be cheaper than that of a hotel
This is a very popular model in the US, suitable for those who love liberalism, love to explore, and do the work of farmers. Live simply, not dependent on the external market.This type of resort is suitable for young people who want to be in harmony with nature to relax. Also depends on food, food of the external market.

It can be said that Homestay is a model of building a place to rest, relax, and travel while homestead is a new model of living. Thanks to that, in the midst of the chaos of today’s life, following the trend of “going home to raise fish and grow more vegetables” of Den Vau, homestead Couldn’t be a better choice!

Currently, in Vietnam we have appeared a very new homestead and is on the way to completion: Libra Valley Dalat (ward 7, Da Lat city).

Although it has not been widely reported in the press and has not been heavily advertised on social networking sites, thanks to the attraction of this type of self-sufficiency, a large number of volunteers have paid attention to In this place, Libra Valley Dalat regularly receives about a dozen volunteers from many different localities across the country.

Meaning of the Homestead model

Homestead - Volunteer in Libra Valley
Volunteer in Libra Valley

Libra Valley is not a design of one person but an architectural work, the work of many people. Volunteers coming here will be completely free of living expenses, meals, but in return, depending on each person’s ability, you will receive different tasks and jobs to build a homestead Libra Valley literally.

Besides that, Libra Valley also opens up a dynamic living environment encourage young people when participating in this model to actively engage in sports and art activities. You will learn, create new things and gain experience for what you already know.

Many people thanks to these exciting activities find themselves, heal the wounds in their souls, fill in the gaps or get rid of the countless sorrows that the busy life has placed on their shoulders. . As Le Tran Khanh Vy, in charge of the volunteer program in Libra Valley, said, Libra Valley homestead is a community of young people with the same passion and aspirations.

It can be said that this is a program that directs young people to return to a primitive, simple, close-to-nature lifestyle and learn how to balance life, we call them young people. “homesteader”.

Opportunity to develop homestead and Vietnam’s first Shared Farm

Hometead - a new opportunity to get rich
By source: Investment demand

With the goal of targeting family customers with more practical needs, Sharefarm (Ngoc Tao commune, Phuc Tho district, Hanoi) has encouraged people in the area to invest in agricultural production. self-sufficient every day. However, instead of being granted land by the government like homesteads in the US, people can order or rent land to cultivate. After that, once a week, farmers come to the farm and receive agricultural products home.

This sharing farm applies a sharing economy model, each participating member will become a Sharefarm shareholder and the Company’s leader is committed to being responsible for providing continuous and regular agricultural products to participating shareholders. family.

It can be seen that, Sharefarm not only provides organic vegetables but also a genuine homestead. This means that in addition to being a farm, this is also a very rich type of tourism. Therefore, this farm model has great potential for development.

However, the question is homestead free all living expenses, where do you get rich from?

Homestead - the source of organic vegetables
Selling organic vegetables – farm products of homestead

With Sharefarm’s homestead-style farm model, only Sharefarm’s shareholders can enjoy the results of their own work, ie only homsteaders will receive the same amount of agricultural products as their efforts. As for other consumers, because the demand for organic agricultural products is not involved in the farming process, they will buy agricultural products at a higher price. As a result, the source of profit for this farm is commodity trading.

Besides, for young people who are unemployed or underemployed, this is also a new opportunity that opens up for you.

Barriers to developing homestead

With the expansion orientation, the biggest barrier for project owners is the lack of synchronization of policies. This requires the head to be able to solve all problems.

Facing that difficulty, Sharefarm wishes to have a unified policy between land management and agricultural economic development. At the same time, many people will know the meaning and benefits of this model so that they can agree to lease land and at the same time receive more investment capital.

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