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High yielding red reishi mushroom cultivation technique

In fact, it is not easy and not too difficult to grow red Ganoderma, there have been many successful growers and billionaires and some failures due to lack of technical knowledge, experience and lack of knowledge. self-cultivation according to the process, most of them still have to completely depend on embryo breeders, part of the risk is due to poor quality embryos, infected environment greatly affects the development of embryos. Mushrooms reduce yield.

Red Ganoderma is grown a lot in Vietnam
Red Ganoderma is grown a lot in Vietnam

With some technical knowledge and experience in cultivating red reishi mushrooms, we will guide and share high yielding red reishi mushroom cultivation techniques.

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    Cultivation time

The best growing season for mushrooms is to start transplanting and cultivating from January to October, because after October there is a lot of rain and high humidity, which makes the fungus susceptible to infection and uneven growth, most people Planters usually stop planting during this period until after Tet.

If anyone has experience and high-yielding red reishi mushroom cultivation techniques, they can still cultivate it from October onwards.

Ganoderma can be grown in 1 year from 3 / to 4 crops in 1 year depending on the type of variety with 3 to 4 months of cultivation time. There are 6 months of cultivation, but most in Vietnam today are mainly grown. Red Ganoderma lucidum from 3 to 4 months from the date of transplanting.

2. Ingredients

Ganoderma lucidum uses mainly sawdust from soft woods that do not contain toxic essential oils such as rubber wood sawdust, jackfruit wood, bagasse, or some herbaceous medicinal plants, but most of them In Vietnam, we all use abundant raw materials without limitation of rubber sawdust, bagasse.

In addition, adding many additives, mixing more nutrients, natural micro-minerals such as; bran meal, corn flour, MgSO4, lime, CaCO3, using clean water (domestic water)

Homogeneous mixing of raw materials to prepare sawdust incubation, sawdust incubation for exothermic fermentation to decompose fiber and evaporate essential oils in sawdust to help materials absorb water, fecal bacteria destroy and reduce the pathogenic pathogens present in the raw materials.

Should floor the impurities in the sawdust to easily absorb water and avoid tearing the bag. Experimental sawdust moisture test shows that water-deficient raw materials will be better than those with excess water, which will cause anaerobic death of mycelium.

Incubate mushroom embryos quickly for 6 hours or more, not more than 30 days.

The bagging helps the mushrooms to be better protected
The bagging helps the mushrooms to be better protected
  1. Close the bag

The bagging requirements must be tight, not loose after the bag weight is from 1.2kg to 1.5kg, the weight of the mushroom embryo must be enough, not too much or too little. The purpose of bagging is to not cause the silk to break, be infected by the environment and when moving.

Use a fungal probe to create a convenient hole when transplanting to avoid collisions with the mycelium.

Use a plastic bag of size 19 to 20 to close the sawdust, then proceed to make the neck, use a plastic button to make the neck, then insert a cotton ball into the mouth of the bag to prevent it from being absorbed, then immediately steam it.

  1. Planting Seeds

Some techniques for cultivating red Ganoderma with high yield, the most important is that the seed isolation stage must be frequent, otherwise the mushroom variety will be degraded, susceptible to diseases, and reduced in yield.

Preparation: Sterilize all from the inoculation room and the tools for inoculation, the room must be protected from the wind, not too tight, the seed bag after autoclaving to cool is transplanted immediately.
Inoculation tools: seed bottles, clamps, alcohol lamps, inoculation tables, disinfectant alcohol all must be sterilized and cooled.

Need to be careful when transplanting

The transplanted variety must be of the right age, when transplanting, do not put the alcohol lamp in the fire for too long to burn.

In the process of inoculating the culture bottle, always keep it horizontal, it is best to use an incubator to limit pathogens from the air, when talking, and breathing.

It is possible to grow red reishi mushrooms by the method of mulching
It is possible to grow red reishi mushrooms by the method of mulching
  1. Care and collection stage

Preparing a mushroom growing house must meet the following conditions:

The mushroom growing house must be clean, well-ventilated, with enough light, to create light that spreads evenly on all sides to help the fungus grow evenly.

The mushroom-growing house must be closed, draft-proof, do not suffocate, the roof is rainproof, covered with a net to avoid the sun around, the house must be strong to be proactive in all weather, need to keep moisture but must be well ventilated for good respiration of the fungus. avoid infection.

Always ensure that the temperature for the fungus to grow well is from 22 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, the air humidity is .
Using clean water, cleaning around the mushroom growing area will keep the fungus from getting infected.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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