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High yielding bitter melon growing technique according to clean agricultural standards

Bitter melon is also known as bitter melon, although its taste is not “sweet”, but it is a favorite food of many people. Bitter melon appears regularly in the meal menu of Vietnamese families. Therefore, the need to grow for business and use bitter melon as food for the family is also more interested. Today’s article we will share with you technique of growing bitter melon according to clean agricultural standards. Do not rush to miss the interesting information below.

  1. Soil selection techniques and soil preparation

Soil for growing bitter melon should be far away from areas containing industrial waste, without residues of toxic chemicals. The soil for planting must meet the standards of porosity and good drainage.

  1. Part time

Normally, bitter melon can be grown all year round, but if planted in the dry season, it will give high yield and limit the development of pests and diseases.

Bitter gourd should be planted in the dry season for the highest yield
Bitter gourd should be planted in the dry season for the highest yield
  1. Seeding technique

You can sow dry seeds directly into the beds, sow 2-3 seeds in each hole, then you can choose the strongest plants to keep.

The seeds are soaked for a few hours in warm water, select the good seeds to incubate in a damp cloth. Pay attention to providing regular moisture for the seeds to crack and germinate. After the plant sprouts and appears 2 true leaves, it can be planted in environment outside.

You can choose how to grow bitter melon from seed germination
You can choose how to grow bitter melon from seed germination
  1. Pay attention to the use of fertilizers for plants

The amount of fertilizer that bitter melon needs will depend on each type of soil, when the plant grows and develops. The average amount of fertilizer needed for 1 sao of bitter melon is usually:

  • 30 kg of lime.
  • 1.5 tons of composted manure.
  • 30kg DAP.
  • 25kg of urea.
  • 20kg Potassium Chloride.
  1. Techniques to take care of bitter melon

The amount of water for irrigation is related to the survival and normal development of the plant. Plants need to be watered every day, the water source for irrigation must be clean and unpolluted. In the dry season, the tree needs to be watered twice a day, especially during the flowering and fruit development period.

When the plant has been sown in the ground for 2 weeks and has developed about 4 true leaves, the grower needs to cut the buds. You have to cut the buds 3 times so that the tree can have 9 branches. Pressing the tops will promote more branches, creating higher yields. Note to clean the grass and remnants of the previous crop to limit the infection of plants.

Bitter gourd needs proper care for the best fruit quality
Bitter gourd needs proper care for the best fruit quality

=>>> Refer to the installation of automatic drip irrigation system along the bed for vegetables

  1. Pest control techniques for bitter melon

  • Types of worms in bitter melon

+ Firehoppers, thrips, creek offsets: These worms often suck the sap of the tree, making it impossible for the young buds to develop, and the leaves are twisted.

+ Aphids, melon aphids: This worm also sucks sap from the buds to live, making the plant not grow.

+ Omnivorous caterpillars: This type of caterpillar eats young leaves and shoots, causing poor plant growth.

+ Fruit borers: Fruit borers cause a sharp decrease in productivity and economic losses.

  • Common diseases in bitter melon

+ Diseases of stem, wilting seedlings: Usually diseases caused by fungi cause seedling stumps wither and die. The disease occurs if the field is planted with many consecutive crops but does not clear the residue or the field has high humidity.

+ Diseases sleeping during the day, running the rope, dying late: The disease is caused by a harmful fungus that causes the plant to wilt gradually because of water loss. If the seedlings are sick, they will die in clusters.

+ Powdery mildew: The disease is caused by a specific fungus that causes damage, the plant will develop the disease at the base and gradually move up to the top.

  • Note when eradicating pests for bitter melon

To prevent pests and diseases for bitter melon, you definitely need to know the following 4 basic principles:

+ Choosing the right drug: Each drug needs to be used in a certain concentration to achieve high effectiveness and safety. In the case of resistant pests, you must not increase the dose of the drug, but change the type of drug.

+ Use drugs with the right target pests.

+ Use drugs at the right time: You need to detect pests in time in the early stages, at this time the pests will be more sensitive to the ingredients in the drug, so it will limit resistance.

+ Apply the correct spraying technique: When spraying, pay attention to spray evenly on both sides of the leaves, spraying in the most favorable weather conditions.

Pest control for bitter melon needs the right time and the right drug
Pest control for bitter melon needs the right time and the right drug

Hopefully with the information we share, you will find it easier to create your own bitter gourd garden. Wishing you success and the highest yield of crops.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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