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High yielding and sustainable grape growing techniques

viticulture techniques
Growing grapes

Grapes are a fruit with very high nutritional value, and are a favorite crop for business or home cultivation. Agri would like to provide detailed instructions on how to grow high-yield and sustainable grapes!

High yielding and sustainable grape growing techniques

Stage 1: Prepare

Land for planting

Grapes can be grown on many different types of soil, such as loam, gravel or sandy soil. In order for vines to grow well, for high yield and quality, should choose alluvial soil along the river, porous, rich in nutrients, easily drained.

At the same time, the pH of the soil should be at 6 – 7. If the soil has a pH below 6, it needs to be treated with powdered lime to be able to grow grapes for business.

Environmental conditions

Light-loving vine, suitable for dry climates. This is a fruit tree that needs a lot of water but does not tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, grow grapes in a place with lots of light, little rainfall and good drainage. At the same time, the planting site is not much affected by the wind. Because the wind will drop flowers and fruits, affecting the yield.

Grow grapes in places where water can be actively irrigated but not stagnant, not subject to flooding, and good drainage in the rainy season.


Currently, on the market, there are many varieties of grapes such as green grapes, red grapes, wild grapes, finger grapes, etc.

Depending on the conditions of the soil and climate, choose the most suitable variety, less susceptible to pests and diseases, good disease resistance and easy to grow for the best growth for the highest yield.

Preparing the land for planting

Before you start growing grapes, you need to prepare the soil in advance. First, plow the soil thoroughly and deeply, then dig a pond and fertilize the hole with decayed organic fertilizer. You should plant grapes with a density of 1800 trees/ha for good growth and high yield.

Stage 2: Planting

Once the soil is ready, take the following steps to start the growing season:

Step 1: Dig a small hole in the center of the hole.

Step 2: Remove the outer plastic wrap.

Step 3: Place the seedling vine gently into the hole so as not to break the pot.

Step 4: Backfill the soil level with the potting surface.

Step 5: Water and keep the ground moist. In addition, a smart automatic irrigation system will help the garden be watered fully and on time. It also saves a lot of money.viticulture techniques

Make a trellis for the vineyard

When growing grapes, it is necessary to build a trellis for grapes to climb and give high yields. The truss material can be galvanized wire or steel with a height of about 1.8m, but the rigidity of the truss must be ensured.

When the top of the vine is long, choose the strongest one, tie a pole so that the top climbs on the trellis above. The remaining secondary tops need to be cut off so that the grapes can focus their nutrients on developing the main stem.

When the vine grows, each root should only leave about 2 – 3 level 1 branches, each level 1 branch will leave a few level 2 branches that grow evenly in the countries to produce fruit.

Fertilize vines

Depending on the stage, the fertilizer will be applied with the most suitable amount of fertilizer. You can refer to the amount of fertilizer for grapes as follows:

  • Apply 2kg Better HG01 + 0.5 kg phosphorus to the hole before planting.
  • Apply 40 grams of fertilizer + 10 liters of water after a few months of planting.
  • Apply 100kg/ha NPK when pruning branches.
  • Apply 100kg/ha of NPK fertilizer when the tree bears fruit.
  • Apply 150kg/ha NPK and better spray KNO3 when the fruit is large.
  • Apply 7 tons of HG01 organic fertilizer + 100kg of NPK fertilizer/ha after harvesting.

Pest control

Like other crops, it is necessary to check and monitor vines regularly to prevent and stop pests in time.

To grow business grapes for high yield, it is necessary to use a lot of pesticides. However, depending on the situation, it should be limited and used with the least amount possible to ensure safety and get a clean source of products.

The technique of growing grapes is quite simple, not too difficult, not too laborious. However, it is necessary to apply the right planting and care techniques for high yield and quality grapes.

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