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High-tech breeding and successful applications in Vietnam

As we have seen, today’s application of high technology in agriculture is a new trend that brings many benefits to farmers. Not only saving manpower, shortening the harvest time, but also making more profits. In which high-tech livestock is also gradually becoming popular. In the following article, let’s learn about the model hi-tech farming and see what has been successfully applied in our country.

What is high-tech farming?

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    What is high-tech farming?

In recent years, high-tech livestock production has become a familiar concept to Vietnamese farmers. However, it is possible that a few people still do not really understand this new age breeding technique.

In fact, it can be understood that high-tech livestock is the breeding models that apply modern technology. The main purpose is to improve productivity and quality of finished products, save labor, and earn high profits.

Among them, the most applied machines are modern technology or information technology applications. The most typical models of mechanization in the livestock production process today can be seen from feeding, drinking, bathing, health care to barn cleaning, etc.

In the past, with traditional breeding methods, farms needed a lot of workers to take care of livestock and stables. Today with high technology, raising livestock is much easier, even one person can control the system to look after and take care of a large farm.

High-tech breeding model saves labor
High-tech breeding model saves labor
  1. Successful high-tech livestock applications in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country developing agriculture and industry towards modernization. In fact, hi-tech animal husbandry has only been introduced into our country for a few years now and has begun to develop.

According to statistics, the whole country has only about 30 agricultural zones with high technology application. The largest are two agricultural zones with hi-tech breeding models in Phu Yen and Hau Giang, which fully raise chickens, pigs, cows, shrimp and fish.

Here are the 3 most successful applications in the high-tech breeding model in our country:

High-tech dairy cow farming model

In Vietnam, the modern high-tech application of dairy farming model can be seen in two large enterprises, Vinamilk and TH True Milk.

First, dairy cows are selected and purchased from major countries in the world such as New Zealand, Australia, …

Regarding health care, each dairy cow is fitted with its own electronic chip for monitoring via information technology software. From daily health status control, food and drink intake to control mating period, disease detection for timely intervention, etc.

In terms of infrastructure, the barn has a roof system of cold corrugated iron to prevent heat, and the barn has a cooling fan system for automatic showering and food storage. Moreover, the diet is programmed by computer to suit each cow breed.

In terms of hygiene, the system of fecal cleaning and environmental protection waste treatment is fully automatic. Thereby ensuring the quality of cow’s milk brought to consumers is the most nutritious and safe.

Vinamilk's high-tech dairy farming model
Vinamilk’s high-tech dairy farming model

Model of raising chickens and pigs in cold cages

The model of raising chickens and pigs in cold cages according to a closed process is also gradually becoming popular in many localities throughout our country.

The highlight of this model lies in the closed barn system with water cooling system, exhaust fan, biological mattress, automatic temperature control system, etc. With modern technology, the temperature in The barn is suitable for each stage of development, for each breed of chicken, pig, and scientific treatment processes to eliminate odors.

By applying information technology, the feeding, care and health monitoring, disease detection of poultry and livestock are all brought to a control center. Therefore, the labor can be reduced by more than half while still ensuring the quality of the barn.

Especially in chicken raising technology, the method of artificial insemination is gradually applied to select good chicken breeds. However, this method requires high technology, so there are many obstacles.

High-tech model of raising chickens in cold coops
High-tech model of raising chickens in cold coops

In short, the hi-tech breeding model is increasingly popular in our country, applied in many localities across the country. This modern technique not only helps farmers save labor but also improves productivity and quality effectively.

However, this model requires a large initial investment capital, so it is not really suitable for households with limited economic conditions.

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