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Growing winter corn is actually not difficult if you know the following techniques

Planting winter corn
Corn is a nutritious food

Planting winter corn is the first thing we think of when in recent days, the weather is very cold. A grilled corn, a cup of hot cocoa is the best to sip these days. So, what is difficult to grow corn, how to plant winter corn? Let’s find out with agri friends!

Winter corn planting time

Planting winter corn
When to plant corn?

To plant winter corn, people should take advantage of the best season. Prepare seedlings to plant in pots first, wait until the plants meet the standards, then bring them to the field to plant.

Choosing varieties to plant winter corn

For winter maize, the use of short-term, high-yielding maize varieties is optimal. The varieties with drought and cold tolerance such as: NK4300, CP333, LVN885, Nk4300Bt/GT… or MX4, MX10, HN88… belong to the group of sticky corn.

Depending on the variety, the appropriate amount of seed for 1 hectare is about 20-25 kg.

Earthwork techniqueI plant winter corn

Method 1: Growing winter corn by direct seeding:

After harvesting the rice, plowing the soil is carried out to create a bed about 1.2 m wide, with a trench 30 to 40 cm wide and 20 to 25 cm deep. Use a hoe to make horizontal incisions on the bed surface 2 to 3 cm deep, rows 30 cm apart.

Method 2: Growing winter corn with nursery pots:

The surface of the field is flat, without breaking the structure, then actively irrigate, cut close to the stubble, cover the surface of the field with straw. Creating drainage ditches, using drainage systems like rice production is the first choice.

Use hoe or other specialized tools to create potholes in the style of crocodile fangs, creating single or double beds. In which, the requirement is for double beds with a width of 90 to 120 cm and planting 2 rows of corn with a distance of 50 to 60 cm, the pots are 25 to 30 cm apart from the pots.

In case the surface of the field is not flat, it is necessary to take measures to flatten the surface of the field, to help drain the water, and to create conditions for growing maize in winter. For fields that are not actively irrigated, every 5 to 7 rows creates a drainage ditch.

Planting techniquewinter corn

Planting winter maize with a density of 57,000 to 61,000 plants/ha, the row spacing is 65cm, and the plants are 25 to 30cm apart.

Planting winter corn
Grow corn in 2 ways

Method 1: Growing winter corn by direct seeding:

Place the seeds in the holes on the slit 7 to 12 cm apart, sow 1 to 2 seeds in each hole. It is also possible to plow a line along the furrow to create a trench and seed along the dug trench.

Method 2: Planting winter corn using the technique of placing pots:

Ensure soil moisture in winter maize fields from 85 to 90%. Before placing the pot, fertilize 8 to 10 tons of rotting manure or 2,500 kg of microbial organic fertilizer and 500 to 600 kg of super phosphate. In case the field is acidic, add 500 kg of powdered lime. Gourds are placed in the direction of the leaves spreading out on both sides of the row and perpendicular to the bed length, planted in the field when the corn has 2 to 3 true leaves.

REMOVEfecal matter and take care after planting winter corn

Fertilizer formula per hectare: 8 to 10 tons of rotting manure or 2,500 kg of manure + 600 kg of super phosphate + 420 to 450 kg of urea + 180 to 200 kg of potassium chloride + 500 kg of lime powder. Before planting winter corn, it must be lined with manure, phosphorus and lime.

When the corn takes root and turns green (from 3-5 days after the gourd is put into the field), the first application is applied. Apply 10 cm from the root with 140 to 150 kg of urea + 60 to 65 kg of potassium chloride, combined. Sprinklers. Another way can be dissolved nitrogen, potassium with water for irrigation combined with medium cultivation and weeding.

When the corn has 5 to 6 leaves, the second application is carried out with 140 to 150 kg of urea + 60 to 65 kg of potassium chloride, combined with watering, weeding and high cultivation.

Planting winter corn
Need to pay attention to fertilizing corn plants

When the corn has 10 to 11 leaves, apply the third time with the amount of 140 to 150 kg of urea + 60 to 70 kg of potassium chloride. Don’t forget to combine watering, weeding and raising to limit falls.

Normally, the compatible winter maize humidity is 70-80%, especially in the 3-4 leaf stage, 7-10 leaves, swirling lilies, spraying beard spray and ripening corn milk need water.

Pto get rid of pestsNh

Winter maize planting should pay attention to the physiological diseases caused by cold, such as blood clots, yellow leaves, etc. to keep moisture, apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to increase the plant’s tolerance.

Diseases caused by autumn worms: Strengthen field inspection, if the density is high, use one of the insecticides to spray, spray in rows, evenly wet both sides of leaves and leaf axils. Recommended drugs: Ratoin 5WG, Karuba WP, Lufen extra 100 EC, Enasin 32WP, Bitadin WP…

Diseases caused by stem borers: First, choose varieties that are resistant to stem borers and plant them at the right time. Manually catch worms for corn plants, destroy egg nests.

High density spray or sprinkle on the corn plant one of the drugs Patox 95SP, Enasin 32WP, Voliam Targo 063SC, or Vibam 5H granules…

Planting winter corn
Harvest corn fruit

Grow corn in winter with the techniques from A to Z that we have provided. Hopefully, people will successfully develop this model and produce large, delicious and affordable corn products.

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