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Growing hydroponic vegetables and ornamental fish

Aquaponics system
Growing hydroponic vegetables combined with ornamental fish farming – creative, novel, unique

Wave hydroponic vegetable growing strongly revolted and quickly became one of the most popular farming trends in recent years. At the same time, the design of an indoor fish tank is also outstanding and equally favorite. So what is the solution to love both vegetables and fish? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this unique 2-in-1 combination? Here’s a look at some of the key facts.

Growing hydroponic vegetables and ornamental fish – creativity comes from simple things

Many people tend to like both vegetables and fish but the garden area is too small or the maintenance cost for both is large. This has produced unique creative ideas and one of them has been successfully put into practice “The model of hydroponic vegetable farming combined with ornamental fish farming Also known as Aquaponics system.

Hydroponic vegetable growing system combined with ornamental fish farming
Hydroponic vegetable growing system combined with ornamental fish farming

People will use the water in the aquarium to grow hydroponic vegetables and at the same time the water after watering the vegetables will seep through the soil and return to the tank. This saves you time taking care of both vegetables and fish. In particular, for people who often use water in ponds and aquariums to water plants, and have to carry water for a long distance, now everything becomes automatic without the need for a machine or a machine. Some expensive robot replaces me.

In addition, this hydroponic vegetable growing model has also been developed into new generation farms. It is a place to both produce and serve the needs of sightseeing and tourism, opening a new type of resort for people and a new source of benefits for farmers.

Model of growing hydroponic vegetables combined with ornamental fish farming What is Aquaponics?

Model of growing hydroponic vegetables and raising ornamental fish
Model of growing hydroponic vegetables and raising ornamental fish

The model of growing hydroponic vegetables in combination with ornamental fish is commonly known as Aquaponics. This is a model that combines aquaculture (aquaculture) and hydroponics (hydroponics).

This hydroponic vegetable growing model works according to the 3-no method: no soil, no manure, no need and no understanding. That is, this model does not depend on fertilizers, land, care and does not require users to have a rich knowledge base to be able to use.

How will hydroponic vegetable farming and aquarium fish farming combine?

Model of hydroponic vegetable farming combined with fish farming
Basic Aquaponics model drawing

A basic hydroponic vegetable growing model will have an aquarium and a number of trays and racks for vegetables so that their sizes are commensurate with each other.

The pump will bring water from the fish tank including fish waste to the vegetable garden to become a source of nutrient-rich irrigation water. Then, this water through the roots of the vegetable garden is filtered and returned to the aquarium.

They will work in a non-stop cyclical cycle, creating favorable conditions for the growth of plants as well as maintaining a long life for fish.

Pros and cons of the combination of growing hydroponic vegetables and raising ornamental fish


Space saving for housing: For those of you who live in apartments, narrow houses, and do not have enough balcony space, this two-in-one integration is an extremely useful solution.

Shelves for growing vegetables combined with simple fish farming
Vegetable racks are used trays

No care, easy to do, easy to use, suitable for all ages: Fish and vegetables when grown separately will be very laborious. Ammonia content from fish waste, if not transmitted to plants, accumulates, causing fish diseases. If you do not take care of vegetables carefully, they will be eaten by worms, weeds, withered, waterlogged roots, ….

No need to go to the market far away when vegetables and fish are at home: Currently, people have a headache because the food safety situation is getting worse and worse. Dirty food, stale food, chemical injected food, etc. Having a vegetable garden and fish pond at home will help you feel secure when eating and saving time going to the market.

The small garden not only becomes rich, beautiful thanks to the green color of the vegetables and the colorfulness of the fish and even become fun for the whole family.


For some clumsy people, the installation process can be quite difficult.

In the beginning, the investment cost (capital) is high. It takes a while to stabilize profits. As for renewing their garden, this is not a problem, but if anyone wants to develop for business and production, they should consider carefully before implementing.

Compared to the hydroponic method, this model of growing vegetables and raising fish will have more risks.

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