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Growing American bananas brings high economic benefits

Growing American bananas
Growing American bananas brings high economic productivity

American Banana possesses very high economic value, suitable for people to earn more profits. Just by taking advantage of their own garden with a few simple techniques, farmers can completely develop this model. American banana variety for high quality, stable yield and good price.

Preparing the land to plant American bananas

Growing American bananas
Choose the right soil

To prepare for planting American bananas, people choose a plot of land with a thickness of 50cm or more, with good drainage, to avoid waterlogging. After choosing the land, it is necessary to plow and harrow thoroughly, clean the grass to make the soil loose.

Apply 1 ton/ha of lime powder to the soil 15 days before planting

Density, variety selection and banana cultivation

The suitable density for planting American banana is 2000 trees/ha (excluding the area of ​​ponds and ditches).

Select a tissue transplanted banana plant with a height of 30 to 40 cm with a stem diameter of 2 cm. The plant has 6 to 8 leaves, large and strong.

Growing American bananas
Suitable density for banana garden

The appropriate time to plant American bananas is in the early morning or cool afternoon, not when it is hot. Place the seedling in the hole gently to avoid damaging the roots. Note that the potted surface is 5 to 10cm lower than the ground and raised the tissue a little to avoid the phenomenon of root outgrowth later.

Secure the tree to the stake so that it is not affected by the wind.

If you plant American bananas in the field, you should plant them in two staggered triangles and square opposites in your field.

Fertilization stage

Bananas in general and American bananas in particular need quite high levels of nutrients, especially potassium.

The amount of fertilizer for 1 American banana tree is as follows: Protein 100 to 200g, phosphorus 20 to 40g, potassium 300 to 400g

Growing American bananas
Fertilizing American bananas

Fertilize before planting: vermicompost + 1/2 phosphorus + 1/4 potassium.

After planting 2 months: Apply shallow fertilizer, lightly dig on the surface, combine with root composting for plants

1/4 protein +1/2 potassium.

3rd application: 1/4 protein + 1/4 phosphorus + 1/4 potassium in fruit farming

American banana care

In the first 3 months when the American banana tree is young, water it once a day, then twice a week.

Clean grass and garbage around the root radius from 0.5 to 1m, do not use chemical drugs to kill weeds.

After 7 months of planting, American bananas began to bloom. Wait until the female flower is finished, then proceed to cut the corn, leaving only 8 to 10 bunches depending on the growth of the plant. Conduct corn cutting at noon to limit the loss of sap in the tree. Finally, spray insecticides against thrips and fruit rot. Wrap it in a white cloth bag and remember 1 month after cutting the corn to resist turning to prevent the tree from falling.

American banana harvest

Growing American bananas
Harvest the results

After 7 to 8 months of planting bananas begin to bloom, at 11, 12 months can harvest the first batch. The way to harvest that is to cut down the whole banana tree, then cut the chamber, split it and transport it to the place of consumption. Harvest when the banana is old, not until it is too ripe, the operation must be gentle.

All stages of growing American bananas have been sent to us through the article above. Hopefully, you can remember and develop this model well. Do not forget, banana is one of the most consumed agricultural products in our country, not only that, but also exported to many countries. Of all the bananas, the American banana is considered the most “earning money”.

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