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Grow trees to get rich – Strange but familiar

Planting trees for wood
plant trees for wood

Growing rich trees sounds a bit vague and ambiguous, but in fact this is a fairly familiar concept for rich people. Just being sensitive and grasping, planting trees to earn profit is not strange but also very familiar.

Grow rich trees – grow rare trees

Choosing to grow crops to get rich from rare varieties is a solution if business owners feel that breeding models are not suitable for themselves or are not suitable for the current situation because rare and precious plants are common. market, but has high market demand. For example, such as Ba Kich tree, Ngoc Linh ginseng, grinding tubers, Khoi tree, four-quarter pomelo, earth ginseng, etc.

– Four-quarter pomelos are priced at 4, which is 12 million dong

– The price of three sizes is not cheap: 300,000 VND to 500,000 / kg

Grow a tree that gets rich from a hollyhock
Purple hollyhock

However, to grow a tree to get rich quickly in this way is not only possible, but also needs to go through a research process, learn about planting techniques, care techniques, embark on experiments and draw results. results as well as experience for yourself can only be successful.

If only because of physiological arising, the intention is because of the desire to grow crops to get rich but do not learn carefully and carefully, you may lose.

Grow trees to get rich – grow trees for wood

Planting trees for timber can become a sustainable business. This profession even helps prevent landslides and soil erosion, as well as minimize flash flood damage, block wind and storm, and provide clean air. Both for yourself and for the environment.

There are two business forms of growing trees to get rich from timber: small tree planting and large timber afforestation.

  • Growing small trees can bring in profits ranging from 12 to 15 million/ha/year.
  • Growing large trees is even more profitable, the average income and net profit is 22 to 28 million/ha/year.

    Cherry wood
    Cherry wood

To start planting trees to get rich with timber, business owners need to find suitable soil for the type of tree they intend to plant, learn about varieties carefully, planting techniques and appropriate care. Preventing pests and diseases for plants to have a bountiful crop. Examples can be mentioned as cedarwood, acacia, melaleuca, cypress trees, heavenly trees, etc.

  • Incense wood for sawn timber has also cost up to 18 million for 1m to 3m of sawn timber.
  • Oval wood is also quite expensive with prices ranging from 25 to 29 million for 1m3.

Thus, planting trees to get rich from the above two ways is quite risky as well as quite risky, in addition, it is also possible to grow fruit trees, open vineyards, strawberry gardens, or pomelos, oranges, … and sell seasonally, export, and process to make a profit.

Sandalwood wood
Sandalwood wood

The business never criticizes anyone, as long as you know how to use your mind, be sharp, and be careful, doing business from trees is not difficult, but in fact is a way to get rich, although reckless, but it can bring benefits. successful again.

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Emilia Chaney
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