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Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!

Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!  first

If you compare the methods of growing betel nut with sawed leaves such as cuttings, cuttings and growing from seeds, the difficulty of growing from seeds will increase ten thousand times! Therefore, this method is only for those who have a special passion for gardening, have enough enthusiasm, affection, time and patience for bonsai. If you are such a person, immediately read the article below to learn the six steps grow a betel nut tree from seed!

Step 1: Choose reputable and quality seeds

Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!  2

To successfully grow betel nut, you need to go to reputable gardeners to buy directly, avoiding the situation of buying fake, imitation, poor quality goods. If you do not have the conditions to buy directly, you can also buy seeds on e-commerce sites, but you need to choose reputable sites, trace the origin, read the reviews carefully so as not to buy the wrong seeds. poor quality or another type of nut!

Planting betel leaf sawn from seed must choose a good variety, without pests, although a little more expensive to have a high success rate, must be from the Monstera Deliciosa fruit that has just been harvested. High-quality seeds are usually about the size of a pea, and are usually green when harvested. In addition, seeds with brown, dry, slightly rough skin like paper can also be used.

Seedling betel leaves are the kind that cannot be preserved for long, if within 1-2 months after harvest without sowing, the seeds will be damaged.

Step 2: Soak the seeds in warm water before planting betel nut

Once you have purchased the seeds, you need to soak them in warm water for 24 to 48 hours before sowing them in the soil. Warm water will help seeds germinate quickly by softening the outer shell of the seed, breaking the shell structure.

Small tips: The sawn leaves of the betel nut are easily rotten, so soaking in water to stimulate germination also minimizes the possibility of the plant experiencing this condition.

Step 3: Incubate the seeds of betel nut with sawed leaves

First, find a small pot about a hand high, not too big if your living space is a bit lacking in space. However, in order to have space for the roots to grow as they sprout, a pot that is too shallow, about 10cm in diameter is ideal.

In addition, if you are a person who follows a green lifestyle, loves the environment, you can also reuse used plastic containers or any suitable discarded items for incubation. However, if you use them, you need to create small drainage holes to increase the ability of the soil to drain.

In the most deprived conditions, seeds can still be incubated in a tray containing a damp towel or paper. If you only have a wet tissue on hand, you can place the seeds in it and put it in a zip bag. This method of nursery is both simple and makes it easy to track the stages of plant development. However, when the seeds have germinated, growing a few small leaves, they should be planted right in the pot.

Step 4: Prepare the soil mixture for growing betel nut sawn from seed

Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!  3

First, you need to clean the digging and shoveling tools before starting, and wash your hands thoroughly, wear gloves carefully. Note to choose medical gloves or rubber gloves instead of plastic gloves for more convenience during soil preparation.

Use a sufficient amount of soil to grow indoor plants, put them in a prepared pot for seed germination. In fact, the soil for planting seeds is also prepared in the same way as the soil mixture for growing saw palmetto, it is necessary to ensure the following factors: clean, well-moisturized and aerated. So you have completed 70% of this step.

The remaining 30% belongs to the choice of growing medium for sawn-leaved betel nut. You can mix 7 parts coco peat with 3 parts perlite, add a little organic fertilizer to create the perfect soil mixture – the perfect medium for seed germination.

Step 5: Fill in the soil and nurse the seeds to grow the betel nut tree from seed

Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!  4

Fill the pot with soil mixture ⅔ full, then stick your hand into the ground for about 1 inch and then put the sawed-leaved betel nut in it. Next, lightly cover with another layer of soil. After sowing the seeds, remember to water a little or mist to keep the soil and seeds moist.

To maintain moisture for plants, you need to remember to water them daily, place the seed pot in a dry place, with light, avoid direct sunlight. It only takes about 2-4 weeks for the seeds to begin to develop.

Note: The four important factors that determine whether or not the seeds of betel nut will germinate are temperature, humidity, medium in the soil mixture, and light. However, that does not mean that 100% of the seeds sown will germinate. Especially when the seed is already broken from the start but we don’t even know it.

During the seeding process, you will have to throw away the seeds and start over from the starting point if you find the potting has white mold, a bad smell, or the seeds are soggy.

Step 6: Care after planting betel nut sawn from seed

Grow saw palmetto from seed in 6 easy steps!  5

Similar to the common mature saw palmetto tree, seedlings grown from seeds also need daily care such as watering, reasonable periodic fertilization, and moderate light access.

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