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Grow clean vegetables at home

Grow clean vegetables at home

Grow clean vegetables at home
Mr. Dung’s clean vegetable garden

Grow clean vegetables at home often associated with images of houses with large gardens or rural areas. But recently, it has become a trend of green balconies in urban areas and a solution to the volatile economic and health situation of the whole country, especially those affected by natural disasters.

Growing clean vegetables at home is not only for the countryside but can be grown anywhere in any home.

Methods of growing clean vegetables at home
Grow clean vegetables at home with Styrofoam containers, ornamental pots

The core when growing clean vegetables at home lies in “first country, second division, three cans, four varieties”. So it doesn’t depend on where you are to grow vegetables. If you live in the countryside, the garden is wide and sparse, it is favorable conditions for growing green vegetables.

Methods of growing clean vegetables at home
Grow clean vegetables at home with bottles
Methods of growing vegetables at home
Growing clean vegetables at home with aeroponics

If you live in an apartment or high-rise building without a garden, you can take advantage of the balcony or rooftop and grow vegetables on styrofoam containers, bottles, hydroponics or aeroponics to make the most of the space you have.

Grow vegetable Cleaning at home is the most economical and effective solution to ensure health and safety

Growing clean vegetables at home helps you feel secure to eat, not worry about containing toxic substances.

Why growing clean vegetables at home is guaranteed to be healthy?

Currently, vegetables using preservatives and pesticides of unknown origin are sold widely in the market. Green vegetables are sprayed, using drugs
The growth is pressed and brought to the hands of buyers with the label of “home-grown clean vegetables”. How can we distinguish home-grown greens and vegetables that have been contaminated with toxic substances? People are forced to buy bunches of vegetables that are yellowed or have worms because they believe that such vegetables are really “home-grown clean vegetables”.

Benefits of growing clean vegetables at home for your health:

Youtube Quynh Tran JP and my vegetable garden

You will manually plant and take care of your vegetable beds. This helps you ensure food safety and family health. Besides, you also don’t have to go to the market to choose the yellowed or worm-eaten bunches of vegetables like before.

Especially, for mothers with small children, this is an extremely necessary solution, directly affecting the health of the baby.

Growing clean vegetables at home helps you save money for your family.

Why should you grow clean at home to save money for your family?

People in the slums, students, students and some low-income families every day have headaches because of food. For them, a bunch of vegetables is also expensive enough and they have to wonder, pay every penny when buying vegetables at the market and of course they are forced to accept that the problem of food safety is zero.

However, to ensure quality, many young people with a lot of money will choose to buy vegetables at supermarkets. But prices in shopping centers are often very high.

Besides, floods, storms and saline intrusion in some areas have caused large and prolonged crop failures, and vegetables and fruits become scarce and prices skyrocketed. This has made vegetables and fruits naturally become the delicacies of the rich.

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Not only that, the time you spend on choosing vegetables is quite good and at the same time you can do many more useful things. So that’s a waste!

The benefits of growing clean vegetables at home in saving for the family

You will not need to go to the market or go to the supermarket to choose and choose, but you can go to your garden, saving time.

You will save a lot of money on buying vegetables and fruits and if you grow vegetables all year round, your savings will be huge.

You will be more active in the family’s food source without depending on a source at all.

Growing vegetablesIt turns your living space green and a pastime for your family.

Growing clean vegetables at home turns living space green and fresh:

Super horse Hoang Yen and my vegetable garden

A small yard or terrace of the house appears green vegetable beds with many different vegetables to help the house become richer, multi-colored, in harmony with nature. Help your home more fresh, have a rest space, breathe for family members. In addition, it also reduces the presence of flies and mosquitoes, reducing diseases caused by them.

Growing clean vegetables at home is a pastime for each family member:

In addition to contributing to bringing delicious and nutritious meals, growing clean vegetables at home is also a form of light labor, an interesting method of relaxation to help you effectively reduce stress after tired working hours. This is also a way to increase family bonding, helping children acquire necessary life skills.

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