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Great use of lotus heart

Lotus heart, also known as lotus heart, is considered a folk remedy because of its miraculous effects. However, many people still do not fully understand all these wonderful uses.

1. Cure insomnia

Lotus heart: Uses, dosages & notes when using
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This is the most famous and well-known use of lotus mind. Lotus heart has a bitter taste, cold nature should lower the fire. The lotus heart contains asparagine and alkaloids such as nuciferin, liensinin, and nelumbin. These substances will stabilize sleep, prolong sleep.

2. Support heart rate, increase blood pressure

Golden Benefits Of Lotus Mind And How To Use It Correctly To Avoid ...
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Lotus heart has the ability to reduce blood pressure and stabilize heart rate extremely effectively. According to some scientific studies, people with high blood pressure or heart palpitations using lotus heart tea are very suitable and bring useful effects.

3. Lotus heart has the effect of helping to lose weight

Lotus heart blocks the absorption of fats and carbs. Thereby reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the body. The L-Carotene in the lotus heart also has the ability to promote metabolism, so it can help you lose weight. Women can use lotus heart tea in the morning, after eating, both to help clear heat, and to support weight loss.

4. The effect of lotus mind helps calm

The substances asparagin, nelumbin, nuciferin, liensinine present in lotus heart help calm the mind extremely effectively. Should choose a low content from 5 to 10 grams and combine with some other herbs such as honey, chrysanthemum, goji berry to make sedative tea. 1 to 2 hours before dinner, should use lotus heart tea, drink up to 2 cups of tea per day, should use 1 cup of tea regularly every day will be more effective, should not drink on an empty stomach.

5. Lotus mind helps to clear heat and detoxify

A Remedy From The Heart Of Lotus For Insomnia Everyone Should Know [RẤT HIỆU QUẢ]
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In addition to the treatment of sedation and insomnia with the famous lotus heart that everyone knows, besides that, lotus heart also helps to clear heat and detoxify very effectively. People who often have itching, pimples, itching, heat rash use lotus heart after a few days. Thanks to its ability to detoxify, lotus heart is also used to treat alcohol. A cup of lotus heart tea in the morning can also help cool the body all day.

6. Lotus heart supports diabetes treatment

How to use lotus mind to treat insomnia effectively?  |  Vinmec
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Besides some types such as peanuts, beans, .., the lotus heart also has an extremely great use, which is to support the treatment of diabetes. Some studies have demonstrated that alkloid contained in lotus heart has the ability to sequester and inhibit α-glucosidase.. Therefore, lotus heart tea is expected to prevent the rise of sugar levels after each meal. eat. Using lotus mind is very good for people suffering from this type of disease.

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