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Great technique for raising swiftlets to reproduce according to science

Stop raising swiftlets in the breeding season
Stop raising swiftlets in the breeding season

Lately year, bird farming What’s strange, for the quality that is always causing headaches for the birds playing, suddenly the bird’s nest is extremely popular and widely raised by players because this is a bird with a beautiful feather color like a picture and more especially a bird. You can keep them in pairs or in flocks like pigeons. The attraction and attractiveness of this bird has led many people to want to find out information on how to care for birds for high fertility. Let’s refer to the following divine moves with

How to raise swiftlets to breed

Choosing to raise swiftlets

Selection of bird breeds
Selection of bird breeds

Based on the need to raise birds, play ornamental birds or raise breeding birds, choose the appropriate birds. In case we raise for breeding purposes, we should not choose birds with yellow or white plumage, red eyes, because these two species tend to have little birth, but should choose birds with round, big and black eyes. , rosy legs, firm body, little biting.

Breeders who want to distinguish between the male and female swallows should do the following by looking at the bird’s nose: the young bird’s nose is bright pink, the female’s nose is as white as egg white. When the birds are large, the dark male turns to dark blue, and with the adult female, the nose is white, brownish. Breeders who want to buy laying birds should go to reputable addresses to ask which birds are raising their children and buy them to incubate.


Bird's nest cage
Bird’s nest cage

When making a bird nest, it is necessary to pay attention and design two parts: the part where the birds live and the playground. The bird’s place should be open and spacious to easily put food in for the bird. In case you keep birds in flocks, it is necessary to divide and separate the nests with a reasonable and equal distance.

The playground for birds should be arranged with many trusses, open for birds to freely fly, couple and sunbathe. Towards the end, the minimum requirement is that the aviary is always clean, with adequate feed and water troughs for the birds.

Food for swiftlets

Raising swiftlets is very easy because they are not too picky eaters. We can feed the birds rice or millet… every day. If your bird is nursing, you need to increase the amount of food for them.

Bathing the swiftlets

You should bathe regularly because birds love to bathe. We bathe the birds once every 3 days on average, we can let the birds bathe in a small dish of water, the water will be mixed with a little salt, the birds have just had a cool bath, disinfecting the outside reduces the risk of disease.

Pairing for birds

Pairing for swiftlets
Pairing for swiftlets

You can pair males and females in the flock together for them to get acquainted, pair and breed. Even the mother and father swiftlets take care of the eggs and young. When the chicks are strong, you can confidently separate them and make a new generation. Thanks to this, your bird’s nest will grow abundantly in number.

The swiftlet bird is considered a beautiful bird with many different colors. As long as you work hard to invest in good accommodation and bird food, your efforts will be brilliant pairs of swiftlets with many colors. Good luck.

It can be seen that in recent years, the swiftlet bird is considered one of the birds that players are extremely interested in and really want to own one for themselves. However, we should not raise birds according to trends, things that are too viral. Before raising a bird, you should immediately consider your ability to care and how considerate you are!

Wished everyone success!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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