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Great success in high-tech fish farming in Vietnam

The selective introduction of modern artificial intelligence technology from developed countries around the world has brought great success to our country’s aquaculture industry. In particular, it is necessary to mention high-tech fish farming with many new breakthroughs. Especially the model of raising high quality fish such as salmon, pangasius and sturgeon. In the following article, let’s learn about the successes in hi-tech fish farming in Vietnam in recent years.

Learn about the success of high-tech fish farming in our country
Learn about the success of high-tech fish farming in our country
  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying high technology to the fish farming industry?

Each farming method, whether traditional or modern, has outstanding advantages, but also some disadvantages. High-tech fish farming is no exception, let’s try to evaluate the pros and cons of this field.

In terms of advantages, high-tech fish farming brings many benefits to farmers:

  • Is a clean fish farming model that brings high quality, protects the environment, does not affect human health
  • Fish waste can be used as fertilizer for crops
  • Control the growth of each fish in the lake, timely detect diseases and intervene at the right time, avoiding infection
  • Improve productivity and harvest each year
  • Apply a variety of mechanization and automation equipment to save human energy
  • Earn high profits every year

On the downside, growers need to invest a high initial investment to build a full facility. In the process of implementing the high-tech fish farming model, it is necessary to understand the techniques and principles in accordance with the new process to bring the desired effect.

The high-tech fish farming model is being applied more commonly
The high-tech fish farming model is being applied more commonly
  1. Learn some high-tech fish farming models that are popular in our country

The two most popular high-tech fish farming models in our country today are the “river in a pond” technology and the desert fish farming technology.

Technological fish farming model “river in a pond”

The reason people call the “river in a pond” technology fish farming model is due to the special design of the aquarium system. The main highlight is the bellows system that continuously conducts air in fish ponds like rivers and streams in the wild as well as many other modern machines. Including aerators, wave generators, waste suction machines, water fans, etc.

Compared with the traditional fish farming model, this high-tech fish farming model offers more outstanding advantages such as:

  • Treating and recovering waste after each fish farming crop, using it as fertilizer for farming
  • Convenience in fish care, management and harvesting, bringing high output, high quality, and great profit
  • Minimizing disease in fish, shortening the fish farming cycle
  • The artificial flows on the pond aim to create the best growth and development environment for fish, to treat waste well, to clean the pond and to protect the environment.

However, to be able to apply fish farming according to the high-tech model of “river in a pond”, the investor needs to have a large water surface area, about 5 thousand m2. In addition, it is also necessary to have sufficient funds to invest in adequate equipment and materials.

The model of fish farming according to
The model of fish farming according to “river in a pond” technology brings many great advantages

Technological model of fish farming in the desert

The technology model of fish farming in the desert is a technology from Israel that has been admired by the whole world for a few years and has begun to be researched and applied in our country. This high-tech application is so successful that cold-loving salmon can also be raised in extremely hot and harsh climates like Israel.

The important point of this model is that it is necessary to turn salt water into fresh water to suit the adaptive conditions of the fish. In addition, it is necessary to apply biological and bacterial filtration systems to completely treat waste sources in aquaculture.

After being applied, this modern technology fish farming model not only overcomes natural conditions but also gives high yield and quality of fish.

Up to now, our country is still researching this miraculous fish farming model of Israel. Hopefully in the nearest future, it can be successfully applied in Vietnam to cultivate cold-loving fish species imported from other countries.

Technological model of fish farming in the desert brought great success in Israel
Technological model of fish farming in the desert brought great success in Israel

The above article is a summary of necessary knowledge about current high-tech fish farming models in our country and the world. Through the article, you must have had the opportunity to expand your knowledge of agriculture, farming and animal husbandry in the new era. Thank you for taking the time to read the article!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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