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Grain germ powder: Should gym goers use it?

For those who exercise, exercise, diet is very important. But is it actually a good idea to use cereal for bodybuilders? The following article will clarify this issue.

What is cereal germ flour?

Grain germ powder is suitable for gym people
Cereal germ powder

Wheat germ powder is a product with high nutritional content, delicious and easy to use. Therefore, cereal germ powder is now very popular in the market. Understanding the customer’s weak market, many companies launched cereal germ powder products to the market. But before using any food, it is necessary to research the information carefully. If you are also interested in this issue, let’s learn HAPI below.

Should gym goers use cereal powder?

Bodybuilders, sports people all consider protein supplements to be the most important and necessary. Until now, we thought that the best source of nutrition came from animals. However, plant-based protein sources offer much superior advantages and eliminate many limitations in digestion compared to animal proteins. Therefore, the addition of protein from cereals is not only better but also much more convenient.

STRONGLIFE LONG LIEN Nutrition Cereal - 500gr |  Lazada.vn
Delicious and nutritious cereal germ powder

How to use cereal powder when exercising properly

First, just like using regular cereal flour, cereal germ powder for bodybuilders also needs to be stored in a dry place, away from moisture, away from direct light. The ingredients of cereals usually include: green beans, black beans, red beans, etc. But there are some parties that sell cereal germ powder products that do not have more nutritional content: Long Lien Cereal. Long Lien’s Stronglife cereal has not added: Pure cocoa powder, oats, lotus seeds, glutinous corn, brown rice, black sesame. To make the best use of the product, follow the instructions below.

Use whole grains without added sugar or milk when brewing. The first time you drink it, you may find it a bit unfamiliar, but gradually you will notice the very natural aroma of the cereal. If you still want to use more sugar, choose white sugar. Because red sugar reacts with grains reducing its nutrition. Moreover, cereals that are served hot or with ice added basically do not affect much, so you can use them to suit your taste.

When is the right time to use cereal?

The timing of using cereal germ powder is very important, to get the most benefit you should note a few things below:

  • Pre-workout: Pre-workout nutrition with bodybuilders is EXTREMELY NEEDED. So a cup of cereal is just enough nutrition and extremely convenient and fast for you. Note to use the product 30 minutes before to avoid causing burden during exercise and for the body to absorb nutrients.
  • After exercise: Because of the limited time, there is not always time to eat the main meal, especially in the morning, so the use of cereals again helps you save time and restore good energy. Best.
STRONGLIFE Long Lien Nutrition Cereal (500gr) - Nutritional Drink...
Need to use sprout powder properly

Some important notes

“The basic ingredient in bodybuilding cereal is mainly beans. When you first use it, you may feel a little bloated because the digestive process produces a lot of gas in the intestines. However, do not let that make you miss this extremely attractive product. Only after a period of use, your body will gradually adapt, making this symptom less and completely gone.

According to nutritionists, although cereals contain many nutrients, it is quite good for gym people. However, this is only a supplementary source of nutrition anyway. Therefore, you cannot use it to completely replace your daily main meals. Along with using cereal powder for gym people (bodybuilding)please plan to build a reasonable diet to soon achieve the results you want” – source: sieuthicobap.com

In summary, using cereals for bodybuilders is necessary and reasonable.

Emilia Chaney
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