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Getting rich from raising Mia chickens – Vietnamese brand with world shape

Many people have chosen and made a fortune from raising Mia chickens
Many people have chosen and made a fortune from raising Mia chickens

With the characteristics of delicious, firm meat, beautiful code, good resistance, many people have chosen and get rich from livestock Mia chicken. Since ancient times, chicken Mia is an item often used to give to the king, so it is also known as Tien Vua chicken. Therefore, Mia chicken is not only a domestic animal to stabilize the economy but also associated with the long history of our country.

Getting rich from raising cane chickens is not difficult nor easy, initially will meet many people again, but many people have made money from raising chicken cane with excellent success, let’s learn about getting rich from raising cane chickens many farmers.

Getting rich from raising Mia chickens - Vietnamese brand with world shape
Getting rich from raising Mia chickens

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Getting rich from raising Mia chickens – a precious breed of chicken used to advance to the king is sought by many people

Besides Ho chicken, Chin Cua chicken, To chicken… The Mia chicken is also a precious chicken breed that many people buy on Tet holiday as a gift. The market price of Mia chicken ranges from 110,000 to 130,000 VND/head. Therefore, many households have bought and learned raising techniques to get rich from raising this special type of chicken.

Chicken cane eat well, have high resistance, so the meat is firm, delicious, and fragrant, so it is popular with many people. Not only that, chicken cane also contains many nutrients that are good for the body such as vitamins A, B1, B2, calcium, iron… Cane chickens raised from 4-6 months can be sold. price 12,000 VND/child.

  get rich from raising Mia chickens
Mr. Truong Danh Binh got rich from raising Mia chickens

VTC16 channel once shared the story of Mr. Truong Danh Binh: once a poor farmer in the village, he rose to earn billions, bought a house, bought the most beautiful big car in the village by getting rich from raising Mia chickens. Not only sold in Vietnam market, but his chicken Mia is also sold abroad, not even enough to sell.

Thanks to his techniques and caring hands, his chicken farm with more than 1000 Mia chickens grows well and has high quality meat, so his enrichment from breeding is extremely convenient.

Although Mia chickens have high meat quality, they lay less than other types of chickens. Therefore, Mr. Binh has calculated to make his business the most successful and earn great profits. He chose the direction of raising Mia chickens, which are both stable and profitable.

Mr. Binh’s story has inspired a lot of farmers who are dreaming of getting rich in their homeland. Many farmers also pursue this model of raising Tien Vua and get rich from raising this type of chicken. So, what’s the difference in the technique of raising Mia chickens? – Let’s find out with Agri now!

If you want to get rich from raising Mia chickens, these are the things you must know

The first step in the mission to get rich from raising Mia chickens: Choosing breeding chickens

Choose chicken cane breed
The first step in the mission to get rich from raising Mia chickens: Choosing breeding chickens

As always, raising a child must first make sure at the selection stage to do a great job. Mia chicken has a short appearance but big thighs, the price of chicken breeds sold in the market falls from 10 to 12 thousand VND. Should choose agile, healthy, bright eyes to raise effectively.

Building brooding cages and barnseh? do get rich from raising Mia chickens

The barn includes a nursery, a barn and an additional playground for chickens. The barn ensures the usual standards: the location is airy, cool, clean, dry and not moldy. The brooding cage has a size of 2 × 1, a height of 0.5m, and it can hold 100 chicks of cane.

Prepare more perches for chickens 0.5m from the ground and 0.3 to 0.4m apart so that the chickens do not fight and peck each other.

Prepare feeders and drinkers

In the brooding stage, the chickens are fed on a paper liner, but after 15 days, the chickens can be fed on a normal hanging trough. Feeders and drinkers should be reinforced tightly because chickens like to run and jump, if they are not made, they may break. After feeding the chickens, the feeding troughs must be cleaned and the water changed regularly.

How to take care of Chicken Mia

Mia chicken - Vietnamese brand with world appearance
Getting rich from raising Mia chickens – Vietnamese brand with world shape

During the brooding period from 1 to 6 weeks of age, ensure the chicken’s lighting is from 75W and cover well for the chickens to keep heat. Pay attention to the chicken’s actions to see if the temperature is right. If you see chickens near the light, the birds outside are shivering, which means the temperature is low. On the other hand, if the chicken is far from the light bulb, the temperature is too high.

After the incubation period, the cage can be kept. After a while, the chickens can be released into the garden so that they can feed, work and bask in the sun with a density of 1.5 square meters/chick. It is recommended to build more sand tanks for the Cane chickens to bathe in the sand because this is their favorite activity.

Chicken Mia grows fast by feeding worms

Like many other chickens, the food for Mia chickens is very simple, available as paddy, rice, corn, etc. It is processed and mixed in a certain ratio. Besides, the use of earthworms as chicken feed also meets the nutritional needs of chickens, helping chickens grow fast, fat and healthy.

Worms are found in nature and rich in nutrients, combined with normal feed and using bran pellet machine to make pellets for chicken feed, ensure chicken cane always healthy, have high resistance, sell at a good price. .

  eat earthworms
Chicken Mia grows fast by feeding worms

This is the recipe for homemade food by Mr. Tong Van Doa: 50 kg of corn bran + 4 kg of rice bran + 5 kg of vegetables + 4 kg of soybeans + 3 kg of earthworms (smallworms) and then put into the press into pellets. Soon his flock of Mia chickens grew strong without being fussy and spending too much money. Since then, he has been more favorable in getting rich from raising Mia chickens.

Food for chickens in the brooding period – 3 weeks old

Dr. Truong Van Dung Nguyen, Director of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, shared that the food that helps Mia chickens grow well is as follows: brooding must feed the chickens 24/24, the food is clean, not rancid and is new food. Must provide the following percentage of protein for chickens:

  • Week 1: 21% – 22% – 23%
  • Week 2: 18% – 19%
  • Week 3: 14% – 15%
  • Then the protein ratio is from 10% to 11%.

Treating chickens with herbs

To get rich from livestock, the problem of disease is inevitable. Instead of choosing antibiotics or expensive chemicals, we can treat chicken diseases with herbs that are easy to find, economical, and increase resistance because they are raw materials taken from nature.

Many people have used guava leaf tea with kha Tu powder to cure chicken diseases, reduce respiratory and digestive diseases. Instructions on how to do it are very simple: Boil 1 kg of guava leaves in 10 liters for 15 minutes, then filter the water. Crush the kha Tu and then put it in guava leaf tea about 2g/liter and then give it to the chickens to drink.

Besides, it is possible to smoke locusts at the barn to destroy pathogens harmful to chickens. However, it is still necessary to comply with periodic vaccination for cane chickens to prevent diseases such as cholera, gumboro… which helps facilitate the process of getting rich from raising this precious cane chicken breed.

Many people have chosen and made a fortune from raising Mia chickens
Many people have chosen and made a fortune from raising Mia chickens

Although raising cane chickens brings high economic benefits and many people have made money from successfully raising cane chickens, the road to getting rich is not an easy path. In the process of raising, there will still be many difficulties such as costs, incorrect techniques, unstable output. Therefore, to get rich from successful cane chicken farming, you must have the right strategy and plan, besides you must have a steel spirit and the courage to face all challenges. Only then will they succeed in getting rich from raising sugarcane chickens.

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